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Have You Seen This? World's 1st self-driving potato
Move over self-driving cars! Self-driving potatoes are the next big thing. - photo by Mary Dalrymple

POTATO TOWN Move over self-driving cars! Self-driving potatoes are the next big thing.

OK, that's obviously not true self-driving potatoes have absolutely no utility whatsoever, other than providing us with this delightful video which may be my new favorite thing on the internet.

In the video, Marek Baczynski, who previously intrigued us with another unique "how-to" video, shares a bit of DIY advice for creating your own self-driving potato, something you never knew you needed until now.

Sure, self-driving potatoes have no sense of direction, can only move a few centimeters at a time and aren't particularly fast, but they are loyal! Baczynksi shares in the video that he thought potatoes deserved to see the world just as much as cows or chickens, which is why he bestowed this gift of freedom to his potato.

And what did that potato do with its freedom? It followed Baczynksi around as if it were man's new best friend. That's why, as Baczynksi said, he decided to give it a name (Pontus) and adopt it as a house pet.

If by the end of the video, you haven't found yourself somehow falling in love with a self-driving pet potato named Pontus, your heart must be colder than mine.

Prepare yourself though, the video has an unexpectedly tragic ending.

I'll let you watch for yourself, but if you, like me, find yourself "awwing" at how oddly adorable little Pontus the potato is, you might want to grab some tissues before watching.