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A Womans View
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It’s that wonderful time of year again. Fall! The seasons are changing. Some days it is still summery, but gradually, those days are becoming few and far between.
You know what that means, ladies!
It’s time to move our summer clothing to another closet, box, drawer, or location of some kind, and dig out our fall and winter clothes. It’s cooling down. We won’t wear shorts any more. Our short sleeved shirts must go into hibernation.
This past weekend, I decided I had better tackle the closet. The clothes I wore the most this past summer need to be washed and put away. The summer clothes in the drawers have to go, so I can make room for winter tops.
But, as I dig through the drawers of clothing I wonder why I keep so much.
Am I ever going to wear some of these clothes again? Are they worth keeping? Am I sentimentally attached? Did I buy some that were mistakes?
As I sorted, taking summer clothes and throwing them on the bed, and replacing the racks with winter clothes, I felt confused.
In fact I felt overwhelmed.
The summer pile needs to be sorted out. And the winter articles need to be tried on. Some are in great shape. But others are too small or too large. Many of the articles that fit look tired. The jeans in the drawers are different sizes and styles. Some are baggy and worn, others are newer and too small. The sweaters are outdated, and I seldom wear sweaters. But, hey, maybe some day I will need them!
Decisions, decisions, decisions.
As I sorted and hung the different articles the piles of “ambiguity” grew. All I knew was that I didn’t know what to do with the clothes in that pile.
Some articles are very nice, but I don’t wear them for one reason or another.
Others are hardly worn, but I think that “someday” I will maybe wear them.
Some have never been worn.
And then, there are the “tried and true” articles. They are comfy, and versatile. Those are easy to keep.
Here is my solution to my confusion.
One of the ladies in our little Bible study group is quite efficient at paring down her wardrobe when she either becomes tired of an article of clothing, or just doesn’t like it. She brings it to the “group” and we get to try those clothes to see if we want them.
Whatever we do not choose to adopt goes to the second hand store.
This exchange has been such fun!
The idea has caught on with me too, and although I have not brought clothes very often, I have brought jewelry that I never wear, and placed it in the middle of the table for whoever wants it.
It’s no different from having garden produce or eggs to share with others. It’s just clothing and things that you want to get rid of but need an excuse!
It’s easier...much rid oneself of any item if someone else needs it.
Today, I came home from our meeting with a pair of white jeans, a sheer over shirt that will look good over a black shirt, and a white blouse with a cowl neckline to wear with a cardigan.
It’s fun to have a new look! And this process helps to get rid of stuff.
Now, I am much more enthused about digging through my closet and that pile of clothing on the bed for the “give away” pile.
When we consider each other’s clothing, we only take what will work for us.
Some items are very fashionable, but not appropriate for every person. We are honest with each other and we only take what we like.
And then...if I bring three items home, then at least three items of my things have to leave. I am hoping I can get rid of a lot more than that.
I am now encouraged, and maybe not so overwhelmed.
And, I think I just might be able to pull this off.
Judy Tabler is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune and her views don’t necessarily reflect those of the paper. She can be reached at