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A Vote for Trump
Making Sense
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Trump or Clinton?
No one has a clue who will win on Election Day.
The polls are narrowing, as they always do, but they’re still all over the place or within the margin of error.
Maybe Wisconsin will flip to red.
Maybe millions of Colorado’s potheads will vote for Trump.
Maybe this time enough socially conservative, union-worshipping Reagan Democrats in western and central Pennsylvania will vote Republican and offset the landslide that Philly and its suburbs gives the Democrat candidate every four years.
Maybe the FBI, Wikileaks or the Wall Street Journal will end all the drama and drop another big one on Hillary Clinton’s head this weekend that will expose her crude criminality to even the lowest of America’s low-information voters.
Let us pray.
Meanwhile, some conservative pundits already are saying that if Donald Trump loses it’ll be the fault of the Never-Trumpers.
Or the fault of the liberal media. Or low Republican turnout. Or an early frost in New Hampshire.
They’ll blame defeat on anyone or anything but the real reason – Trump himself.
If he loses, it’s going to be because of all the insulting or dumb things he’s said for the last year and a half.
Or because of his “woman problem.” Or because he managed to offend or scare every Latino or Muslim in America.
It won’t be because John Kasich, me or anyone else in the Republican Party didn’t have the stomach to endorse him.
Likewise, if Trump wins, it’ll be because Hillary’s campaign has collapsed under the weight of her lies and criminality while he stayed on message.
It’ll be because he had the right message at the right time.
It’ll be because millions of Americans decided it was high time to throw elite bums like the Clintons out of Washington.
It’ll be because voters finally realized that no matter how bad Donald the Narcissist was, Hillary the Criminal and her gang of liars was much worse.
Narcissism is no virtue, but it’s not a crime, either. It’s only a character flaw – at its worst, a personality disorder most common in men.
To get technical, the Mayo Clinic defines its symptoms as including “an excessive need for admiration, disregard for others’ feelings, an inability to handle any criticism and a sense of entitlement.”
OK, that sounds like Trump, all right. But some of those traits could apply to a lot of great or successful people in politics and entertainment.
Bill Clinton. Barack Obama. Crooked Hillary herself. Every Kennedy who ran for office. Every other U.S. Senator or media personality. Every other movie star or rock star.
Lots of people from Rush Limbaugh to Bruce Springsteen to your favorite city’s mayor have a little borderline narcissism in their personality.
But criminality is immoral and evil.
It’s when you create a charity so you can enrich yourself and family by peddling your influence to oligarchs and despots around the world.
Or when you help your friends or relatives get rich by helping earthquake victims in Haiti.
Or when you lie to Congress, the media and the voters to cover up your sleazy pay-to-play enterprises.
On Tuesday we’ll all have to choose between the Narcissist and the Criminal.
I’m still choosing the Narcissist.
Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan. Send comments to Follow @reaganworld on Twitter