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A Womans View
On funny things that happen daily
Judith Tabler clr

Do you ever consider all the hilarious things that happen in our day to day lives that go right over our heads if we aren’t paying attention? We are so consumed with our deadlines, our hardships, our own selves, that we often miss the joy of good laughter.
For example.
Fred and I have a white king size comforter on our bed that needed to be washed in a king size washer. I loaded it in the car along with detergent, my library book, phone, and a purse full of quarters and I headed out to the laundromat.
The last time I used the older laundromat, so decided this time to try the new one.
When I walked in, I spied the oversized washers facing me, but I decided to put all my stuff on the table and then headed for the oversized washers on the wall to the side. (out of the traffic) I stuffed the blanket inside one of those many “washers,” poured a little soap on the blanket, not in the machine, and proceeded to insert my quarters in the slot. I couldn’t find the water temp, nor the cost of the wash. I just kept feeding the machine, thinking it would tell me when I should stop. I glanced at the other machines. Suddenly I realized I was trying to wash the blanket in one of the DRYERS!
Oh dear Lord.
There was a man loading a washer on the other side of the room. I hoped he wasn’t watching. I nonchalantly scooped up the blanket, and whisked it away to one of the washers at the front door. Whew.
At the Gift Show last Saturday, those of us in Auxiliary were more than delighted with the wonderful crowd. I have said this before, but this group of women and their husbands are the hardest working “club” participants that I have ever known. Not a one of them is “work brittle.”
We kitchen workers were in the kitchen and we had a little time to visit. I leaned back against the counter where the big coffee pot urn sat. As I leaned back, the women began to shout. “Oh Annie ! Stop. Look. There’s coffee running out behind you. You are leaning on the handle!”
I quickly got the mop and cleaned it up.
Do you think I should be worried about me? Nah. If you laugh, there’s no time to worry!
Our women’s bridge club met several days ago. We play two tables. I was at table two, but Daisy was at table one with Tilly, and two of the other girls. The cards were dealt. When Daisy picked up her cards, she realized she held an unbelievable hand. It was loaded with points. She somehow was dealt most of the face cards and the bidding hadn’t even yet started. Daisy announced to the group, “I have a hand loaded with so many points, I think we need to throw this in, because it would be unfair to play it”! Tilly, (her partner) exclaimed, “No, you aren’t going to throw it in. You are going to play it. It’s fair!”
Her remark was so spontaneous and so funny, we had to stop and just laugh. But that’s Daisy! She is kind hearted, and always thinking of others!
Our coffee group on Friday is no exception to the funny bone. Ever since Gladys got locked outside at night in only her underpants, I didn’t think we could top that! But every week we do.
Mildred told us that her college age grandson in Great Bend has never voted until this election. He turned 21 just a short time before the election, and he couldn’t wait to vote. He knew that at one time the voting took place at one of the churches, and he knew which church to go to. When he got there, he noticed all the cars, so just walked up to the door where a nice gentleman welcomed him, and handed him a funeral bulletin. The young man looked at the funeral bulletin and exclaimed, “I just came to vote!”
Then there’s our husbands and their hearing. Beulah and Don were expecting an agronomist visit to their home to discuss farming issues. Beulah said to Don “don’t forget Cole is coming tomorrow.” Don replied, “Nicole? Nicole, who?”
Keep your ears tuned to the funny, joyous things. They are there if you look for them. One good laugh can keep us sane for the rest of the day!
Judi Tabler is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune and her views don’t necessarily reflect those of the paper. She can be reached at