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On 2017 Resolutions
Judith Tabler clr

I read an article lately where the author expressed her gratefulness for life. She talked about the rough spots, the hills and valleys, the times of grief and joy. But, basically, she was grateful for life. She found life to be a gift and an adventure nonetheless.
I pondered her thoughts.
On New Year’s day, I met up with an Auxiliary friend in a local store.
The usual “Happy New Year” greetings passed between us, I remarked that really, it was just another day. She replied by expressing joy and adding that “today is the start of a wonderful year.”
God bless her.
Sometimes we need that kind of encouragement from others; sometimes more than other times. And, other times, we switch roles and become the “encouragers”
My remark erupted from an attitude that all the holiday stuff is over, and the holiday “hoopla” really was overrated. That was my attitude. Just another day, curmudgeon me.
Her “implication” validated a look to a new start, a New Year, an opportunity. No, she didn’t say all of that. But that is what she meant. She was busy making scrap books, memory books for her grandchildren and she was motivated!
So, here we are already 5 or 6 days into the “New Year.” True, it is just another day on the calendar.
But, it can be more than remembering to date ones checks “2017” and more than buying a new calendar.
I guess we sometimes lose sight of this “new start”.
I made a list of some of my favorite resolutions. They are not impossible challenges; but just thoughts that do change lives.
Let’s first be grateful for life. It is a gift from God. It is an opportunity to find all that is good about life, and pursue that objective. And the only way to find the peace, and love and joy of life is this:
1. Trust God and make a concerted effort to let Him have the reins and let Him take the control of those situations that you can do nothing about. Let go. Embrace peace. If you don’t believe in God, I can’t help you here.
2. Face the realities of life; the tragic, the sad, the hopelessness others may be enduring. Don’t hide your head in the sand. If you can help a serious situation, then help. If you can see a serious problem and can do nothing physically to help, then pray. Look around. Observe others. Comfort each other. Don’t be a “fixer” an encourager.
3. Laugh a lot. Spend time with friends who also love to laugh and who may be suffering, but are endeavoring to overcome. Suffering doesn’t eliminate them from your life. Attitude does.
4. Loosen up. Let go. Relax. Cool your jets. Don’t be rigid. (If this speaks to you, good. If not, let’s try another!)
5. Stop getting your undies in a knot from stupid, trite, unimportant things. Picky, Picky, Picky! (hot tip) I have learned that the best way to stop frustration over losing sock mates in the dryer is to pin the pairs together every time I take them off and throw them into the dirty clothes. Voila! No frustration. Always matching socks!!
6. And last, be merciful to others who have horrible, wretched faults. Look in the mirror! We are more wretched by far! We are all oddities and works in progress. (If questions here, go back to number 4)
If I can do all of this, it will be a happy year! (I will astonish and relieve my friends and family) Stop agreeing, Tilly and Greta, and Flo, and Mabel!! (AND FRED!)
Happy New Year!!
Judi Tabler is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune and her views don’t necessarily reflect those of the paper. She can be reached at