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Sometimes irony can be pretty ironic -- Brown
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Oh, the irony of poetic justice.
Every once in a while it happens.
In the Bible story of Esther, Jew hater Haman was hung on the same gallows he’d originally set up to hang Queen Esther’s Jewish uncle.
In the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade movie, the Nazi double agent who claimed to “believe” in the grail, but secretly loved the swastika, fell to her death after greedily reaching for the grail.
After November midterms, it seemed poetic justice had struck again when the worst Congress in modern day history who has made an art form out of kicking the American people where it hurts was itself booted out of power — until it became apparent it takes more than losing an election for those with selective hearing to get the message.
Albeit the Democrats were booted because Americans grew weary from being ignored by elected officials, Democratic leaders ignored the election results and continued their march forward in lockstep purveying the message that they may have lost a battle, but will not lose their war.
Give them credit for their determination, but it’s time to get real.
Gallop awarded the 111th Congress a final record low 13 percent approval rating. It is hard to imagine any Congress who has done so much with so little support, and alienated so many.
And the audacity of one such member — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid — who published a press release listing the legislative triumphs of the 111th Congress as if it would be read at his own Academy Awards show: Obamacare, the $814 billion stimulus bill and the grand finale, (drumroll please) the 1924-page, $1.2 trillion omnibus spending (yes, spending) bill to mention a few.
In the end, the 111th Congress attained record debt in record time.
Hear Hear.
The spending only stopped because the clock ran out. Hence, and incidentally not mentioned in Reid’s press release, the Democrats netted the largest net loss (since 1933) of 63 seats, not to include blue state governorships turning red in droves — even the blueberry stained state of Maine.
Adding insult to injury during her exit interviews, unabashed and without apology, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi landed her own version of a spinning back kick when she said she would do it all over again in the same way given the opportunity. 
It doesn’t matter what we want, Big Brother (or Sister) knows best.
It’s that same mentality that has hijacked the Democratic Party for the last decade and the American people and the economy for several years. And it’s not going away until the Democrats remove the Progressives in 2012 — or the party implodes.
111th Congress, tentatively we bid Thee “so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good bye,” as we also cast a close and watchful eye on those still within the Democratic Party who refuse to work for us but rather work to continue pursuit of their egalitarian cradle to coffin dream of complete government dependence.
(Susan Stamper Brown is an opinion page columnist, motivational speaker and military advocate who writes about politics, the military, the economy and culture.  Reach Susan at Her column is distributed by Cagle Cartoons, Inc.)