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The Death of Personal Freedom
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Massachusetts Democrat Barry Greenfield is pushing for legislation to allow police to enter your home unannounced, without warrant, and take your guns.
Greenfield actually believes it is a “problem” that police don’t have the authority to enter peoples’ homes and inspect their firearms to ensure their guns are safely secured. Massachusetts law requires guns to be locked in containers or equipped with trigger locks.
James Madison fought for protection from a tyrannical government that would order their police to enter peoples’ homes and search for evidence of any incriminating behavior and succeeded with The Bill of Rights. The Fourth Amendment protects you from any personal attacks from “Greenfield’s Police” by demanding authorities have reasonable evidence that you are breaking a law of the land.
What kind of country is dreamt of by people such as Greenfield in which uniformed, helmeted police can storm their way into peoples’ homes during dinner or disrupting the kids’ study time, demanding you show them your legal guns under the very real threat of the weapons they themselves are displaying?
How many times will we have to bear with the apology of police who shot a little boy to death because he helpfully ran down the stairs with his BB gun in a way that made the police feel threatened?
All of this because a “Big Government” Democrat decided he knows better than you how you should live your life?
Transfats are being outlawed. Is it really so absurd to consider the “Gun Police” might also search your home for transfats? It isn’t. Prosecutors load up on charges to get some sort of conviction and finding anything in your home that seems not to be in accord with local and federal laws would surely qualify.
How might a special division of Greenfield’s “gun police” enter the home of Olympic shotgun competitors, local pistol champions, duck hunters and moms protecting their kids? Anyone think they’ll simply knock politely? Okay, maybe once.
New York City violated the Fourth Amendment for years with “Stop and Frisk” even though a federal judge ruled it unconstitutional. “Stop and Frisk” was the federal crime committed by New York police wherein they searched anyone regardless of whether they believe a crime has been committed. Mayor Bloomberg appealed, saying the tactic was “an important part of [the NYPD’s] record of success.”
These are not isolated incidents of Big Government intrusions into your life.
While Greenfield and Bloomberg represent the worst of overtly bullying citizens into obedience, the Democratic Party’s top leadership has already been entering your home, office, cell phones and laptops for years. Spying on you and your family, having access to your phone calls (not just the numbers you call), Skype sessions and emails is not just a symptom of accidental overreach.
This is the vision of the national leaders of what used to be a party dedicated to freedom.
Were all of this being done by Republicans, I truly believe from recent history there would be great outrage rightfully whipped up by the national media.
Is the lack of national media outrage due to fear that the Department of Justice continues to spy on them and, in one instance, the family of a journalist?
Do they feel a lack of enthusiasm for criticizing a political party with which they agree?
I hope local police around the country rebel against this nightmare of constitutional destruction.
After all, they, too, have families to protect and are sworn to uphold the constitution, not the illegal directives of local liberal politicians.
Rick Jensen is Delaware’s Award-Winning Conservative Talk Show Host on 1150AM WDEL and 93.7FM HD3, Streaming live on from 1pm - 4pm EST. Contact Rick at, or follow him on Twitter @Jensen1150WDEL.