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Allison will serve responsibly
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Dear Editor,
As you cast your vote for Mayor on April 2nd, please consider what the position requires and how important it is to the community to select the right person. As the Mayor, he does not vote on the Council unless there is a tie vote. Therefore, his art of persuasion and ability to build consensus are very important aspects to the position. But more importantly, the Mayor serves as the figure head for the city. In that position, you need someone who is a visionary, creates a positive image and reflects the character of the people in this community. These attributes in a Mayor are essential to create a positive image of the community in order to retain and recruit business into our city, and to also make us proud to be from Great Bend. One cannot underestimate the damage that can occur if the Mayor’s actions in office paint the city in a negative light through public statements and innuendos that something is afoul or fundamentally wrong. What we need is someone who leads responsibly and takes pride in the community he has the privilege of servmg.
I am proud to call Great Bend my home. I can’t think of a better community in which to live and raise a family. Please go to the polls and cast your ballot on Tuesday for the candidate who is just as proud as each of us are in what we have here in our city. Vote for someone who will portray Great Bend in a positive light and image. When I look at the two candidates, their record, accomplishments, course of conduct and campaign ads, the choice is clear. Mike Allison will serve as he always has, responsibly and with a clear belief in and understanding of what makes Great Bend great. Please don’t over look the importance of this election. Get out and vote on Tuesday.
Mark Calcara
Great Bend