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Apocalyptic disaster follows apocalyptic disaster
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Dear Editor,
Billions killed. As Revelation’s angels sound their trumpets apocalyptic disaster follows apocalyptic disaster. A third of mankind is killed when the sixth angel sounds his trumpet. Near and coming quickly is the time of trouble upon the whole earth that was spoken of by Daniel, prophet of the Most High God. It is the time when the righteous and terrible judgments of God are executed on unrepentant mankind and the world is thrown into global upheaval. It is the time of the fulfillment of Revelation’s fearful prophecies of devastation and doom before the coming of the Lord. The earth shall reel and men will stagger from the massive destruction. The earth’s joy is turned to sorrow. It is a time unthinkable, unbelievable except that God has foretold it and forewarned us. But just like in the days of Noah, the last perverse generation of man will not believe or understand until the flood of God’s wrath sweeps them away.
Before God on His  throne an angel awaits the command to cast his censor filled with fire to the earth. Unseen, unheard and unknown to man his probation has closed when the command is given. God’s patience and mercy have ended. Heaven’s pleading and warning are ceased. The Holy Spirit is withdrawn. All remain as they are-he who is filthy remain filthy, and he who is holy remain holy. Now man must reap what he has sown.
Woe and ruin are the reward of the rebellious. The harts of the godless, the lawless and those who do not tremble at God’s word will faint with fear and the expectation of the things to come. Those who cast truth to the ground shall be cast into the great chasm of eternal darkness. Those who add to God’s word, God shall add to them His plagues. And those who take away from His word, God shall take away their name from His book of life. Those who annul God’s commandments and so teach others will be judged least worthy to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and shall descend in to the pit of everlasting destruction. Those who call evil good and good evil shall be sentenced to the abode of silence. Those who are lovers of self rather than lovers of God will find that they have chosen and loved death. Those who have only a form of godliness but deny its power shall perish with the unbelievers. Those who are lukewarm and stagnant in spirit shall be forever spewed out from the presence of the Lord. Those who have not sought God or inquired of Him shall be cut off from the living. All those who worship the beast and his image shall receive the mark of Satan’s disobedience and be thrown into the fiery hell where both body and soul are destroyed. All sinners, every evil doer will be chaff consumed in the fire of God’s anger. The wicked who do not serve God shall be ashes. All will be no more.
Seven angels with their trumpets stand prepared to sound, and seven angels with their bowls stand ready to pour out the righteous judgements of God’s wrath. And who is He who judges and wages war, treading the winepress of the fierce wrath of the Almighty? His name is call the Word of God, and He is clothed in a robe dipped in blood. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. He is Jesus Christ the Lord. And those slain by the Lord shall be from one end of the earth to the other.
Rod Schmidt