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Dog racing in Kansas
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Dear Editor,
Dog tracks are failing all across the U.S. but Kansas lawmakers have recently been asked to bring racing back to Kansas! This is an antiquated and rejected industry, and will cost taxpayers. The developer trying to convince the House Committee on Commerce, Labor, and Economic Development is using racing to obtain a tax break for planned slot machines at three locations in Kansas. The idea is nothing but a subsidy scheme.
Kansas does not need to reinstate an industry that exploits a fine breed of canine. As rescued greyhound owners, we know this breed should be raised, loved and cared for as are all other breeds of dogs in this country; not treated as a commodity and slaughtered when it is no longer making the owner money. (For more information, visit the site
Nearly 100,000 people have signed a petition opposing HB2537 and against the return of dog racing to the Sunflower State. Please add your name at and join me in rejecting any and all legislation that would restore this cruel industry to our state.
Jan Adamson and Bill Gerstner