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Get out and vote for Randy
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I would like to endorse Randy Myers as the Mayor of Great Bend. Randy works for everyone, he weighs all of the issues and does not play favorites. A vote for Randy is a vote for Great Bend. Randy is a stand up guy who will support anyone who is right and he doesn’t bow to special interest. Randy has never used the city council office to pad his own pockets such as selling his house to a company receiving city funds or allowed campaign contributors to trample the rights of Great Bends citizens. Randy will make sure city ordinances are enforced across the board and not exempt someone because of their status. Randy will work hard to lower crime in Great Bend and make our city safer for you and your loved ones. I have known Randy for a number of years and I have found him to be honest and trustworthy.

Michael F. LoBurgio
Barton County Democratic Chairman
Great Bend