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Gone but not forgotten
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Dear Editor,
Since there is no Bushton News or Holyrood Gazette, I decided to send my tribute to you.
This is a tribute letter for three people who had lived in Bushton in the 1960s and have died recently.
Paul Turnbal was the postmaster of Bushton, the years I lived there. He was on the school board and you couldn’t mail a letter without seeing Mr. Turnbal.
I was lucky to have met his family before I moved to Denver. His funeral at the Methodist Church in Bushton was packed and not surprising.
Coach Hanna and Cecil Banning were at his services, they were teachers at Bushton High in the ‘60s. That was a tribute in itself.
Then I was shocked to find that Larry Schroeder had died.
He was still living a half mile west of Bushton. Larry was a hard worker and no one could miss his cattle ranch on K-4 highway.
He was a quiet man but everyone liked him. He stayed in the Bushton area all of his life and he will be missed.
Last but not least is Mary Bruegger. She was a lovely person and a great bridge player.
She loved going to the football and basketball games because her son Steve was on of the better players Bushton High ever had. She was extremely proud of Steve. Virg and Mary left Bushton many years ago but would come back for the class reunion once in a while.
When I was talking with Theresa Sheridan McKinney about our friends deaths we both started crying, These were special people.,
My condolences to all the family members of Paul, Larry and Mary. They will not be forgotten.
Bridget Habiger,
Denver, Colo.