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Huelskamp should be accountable
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Dear Editor,
So a congressman from a small community endorses cuts to medical care for older people, and that makes him a hit in Washington within his inner circle, but what about when he has to go back to his home state for a vaycay?
It’s just like a really bad, cheesy movie the way our representatives conduct their duties.
Apparently Tim Huelskamp flew back from D.C., and got into his limo and let the driver go anywhere except where real people were.
He stopped in Junction City to press the well-vetted flesh, Salina too, Hutch, Dodge, and anywhere his people could make sure he wouldn’t be forced to meet somebody who wanted an answer to a simple question: “are you doing anything for us, or just trying to cheapshot Obama?”
He was happy to be just about any spot contributors might show up. But somehow he missed talking to you and me. Or taking any of our questions, or trying to come up with answers. There are lots of Republican Congressmen this year, all over the country, who don’t want to talk to the people back home. No open forum for the elected to answer to the electorate.
Many of my friends and relatives in Great Bend don’t seem to get it yet.
But here is the bald assessment: that person we sent to represent us, our families, our homes and our values, does not even pretend to represent us. His or her effort to communicate with “we the people,” like here in Western Kansas, and I mean the “real people,” involves a drive by, and if you are lucky enough to find it, maybe a mention on a website.
Huelskamp is a part of the “cut Medicare” crowd in D.C., so of course he doesn’t want to talk to you, your father or mother, grandmother or grandfather. He says he wants to preseve Medicare by gutting it and turning it over to those “ever-loving” health insurance companies.
Also unemployment insurance. What is with these Republican congressmen and congresswomen?
Every dollar of unemployment is spent almost immediately, and generates about $3 to $4 in the economy.
What do these jerks want to do, go back to 1929 and shut down the stores and the banks, not to mention letting a few hundred thousand people starve for no reason. 
And even though you and I have paid into Social Security for all of our working lives, Huelskamp and his D.C. pals consider it a hand-out.
Social Security is the only government program that exists on its own revenues alone, and it’s against the law for it to operate on a deficit. And it has $2.6 trillion in assets.
It’s not a “hand-out,” in fact the Feds borrow from us in this program.
So what’s he talking about?
He’s like the rest of the newest crop of D.C. rats. Unlike the pests from the past, these representatives have discovered the “big lie.”
I don’t know if they were intruduced to the concept before election or after, but they know it and love it now. Whatever they say does not have to be true, and in fact it can be 180 degrees from the truth, but if they say it loudly enough and frequently enough, whether it is true or not does not matter, because even the news media won’t question it anymore.
I want accountability.
I want Tim Huelskamp to stand in an open forum and answer our questions.
I mean, come on, this guy is hauling down a serious paycheck, he has all the perks, and healthcare and a retirement check for the rest of his life.
I think he needs to do something now to earn at least a part of that.
John Grow,
Great Bend