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Is GBHS safe to send your child to?
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Dear Editor,
As a taxpayer I would like to express my viewpoint on the sexual allegations at the high school.
The superintendent is not worth the money he makes. The coaches have problems by letting these things go. Are they blind, deaf or not capable of doing their job? Could they not see or hear what was going on? Do they even care? Or were they also afraid of the consequences of what they would face if they would come to the aid of this young man? The bus driver has many mirrors on the bus, was he afraid to act on the situation, as the coaches were?
I thank God there was a parent big enough to come forward and not be afraid, with the student that was man enough too. He is more of a man than the coaches, bus driver and Brad Reed.
I think the time has come when parents ride the bus to protect the kids. The criminals who performed these sex acts should be expelled to protect others at school, charged and registered as sex offenders, when you choose the behavior you choose the consequences.
One more question. Has this happened to GBHS in the student bathrooms, showers, closets? Has the victim not told anyone because he is too embarrassed as the first boy who this was done to? Is GBHS safe to send your child to?
Howard and Carol Foos