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Myers explains actions at meeting
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Yes I walked out of the council meeting. I should not have even sat there to begin with as I had told them I would not play their childish game and then I did. This was a planned rehearsed orchestrated attempt to discredit me with the voters. I wonder how many if not all of the council members discussed this with each other prior to the meeting.
One also has to remember that all of the council with the exception of two of us is hand picked to sit with the mayor as has been shown over and over.
The Mayor said he sold his house to someone who worked for a company getting city and county money and then that company ended up with it. How convenient, in my opinion he still used his office for personal gain just as I believe Owens knew she would be working for the downtown business venture when she voted to give them money When Companies receiving city money come to the meetings and refuse to name the shareholders and board members and tell me their investor list is private when I had one in my possession it tends to make one think they do in fact have something to hide.
I have been told over and over about the meetings that take place and the deals being done but the people who know are afraid of reprisals which would hurt their business or blackball them from getting a local job. I have personally experienced the job blackballing. I know people in the service industries who have lost work over supporting me.
I may have been mistaken on the number of absences and the total of the mills raised but the crux of the matter is that the Tribune tried to use the fact that I missed a meeting to discredit me and the Mayor saying the mill levy hasn’t raised since he has been in office is far more misleading then my being off by 1 mill. Lindberg can say what ever he wants about his pals but the fact that I saw him huddled with those pals on the front sidewalk outside of City Hall spoke volumes to me.
The city keeps everything secrete for a reason, they don’t want us to know. If the council members can’t be trusted to know what businesses we are looking at then we have a real problem. Does this mean Partington and Allison are more trustworthy than the rest of us. Getting information on what is going on in the city should not be like pulling teeth, I should not have to go pry information out of city hall or read it in the paper. Be open and honest and there will be less questions.
Does the council think it’s right to run over the citizens in the area of Second and Holland and the 1400 block of Broadway?, you bet they do if it benefits the wealthy and their buddies.
Am I trying to buddies with these people?, no I am trying to represent the citizens of Great Bend as a whole and not the chosen few. .I am starting to feel like the guy fighting the Raccoon in the tree when he yelled down to his buddy on the ground to just shoot up here amongst us, one of us needs the relief.
My door is always open 620-786-1351. Those of you who called about problems please call me again.
Randy Myers
Great Bend