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Story includes inaccuracies
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Dear Editor,
We take exception to your Feb. 19 story, “Several Great Bend dentists speak out - Dental shortage fact or myth?” Your story includes some inaccuracies that deserve correction. Mid-level dental providers have been proven to deliver effective, competent care; in fact, the most comprehensive review ever conducted of dental therapists found that they provide safe, effective care to children worldwide. The review assessed more than 1,000 studies and reports of care provided by dental therapists. Access to health care, including oral health, has been a mainstay of the independent W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s work for some-80 years, where a focus on vulnerable children is at the center of all we do. Not a single other disease is more prevalent for children than dental disease. As a private foundation, we do not now, nor have we previously engaged in legislative lobbying. We regret your portrayal as such.
Joanne Krell