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Support for Mary Jo Taylor
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Dear Editor,
With the national political climate, decisions about elections closer to home have even more impact. I would ask for support of Mary Jo Taylor for Senate District 33. Mary Jo says, “When it boils down to it, we want policies and services that make our communities good places to live, work and thrive.”
A lifelong Kansan, Mary Jo has been superintendent at Stafford Schools for 15 years. She has led efforts to better prepare students for the future through innovative programs like the Stafford Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (SEED) Center. Its just one example of Mary Jos out-ofthe-box thinking. She also has been active in Chamber of Commerce and Stafford County Economic Development, bolstering her understanding of the challenges facing rural Kansas communities.
As Mary Jo says, “Change requires incremental steps.” I believe its a step in the right direction to support her election.
Kim Fritzmeier