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Thanks to the community
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Dear Editor,
This is my story that I am going to share with everyone who reads it. On Dec. 7, 2012 we got a phone call telling us we needed to take four of our grandkids in to our home. It’s a sad story, of their mother abandoning them and there great-grandparents not being able to take care of them anymore. As one grandparent too many others, there was no way that I was going to let them be given up to foster care so we took them in to our home. We weren’t set up for having four kids, and I wasn’t about to say no, but with my husband Dan just getting out of back surgery two weeks prior to this and my only son Dustin being away for college in Hays. But we all worked together and made countless phone calls!! We needed beds, dressers, clothes, coats, and toys for Christmas. The word quickly spread throughout our community and around the entire area about our situation. We couldn’t have gotten all the stuff we needed if not for all the people in our surrounding area. I want to give my greatest thanks to everyone and all the loving people in my area for everything that has been given to us. God bless you all, I am so thankful for having all of you in my life and the kindness and generosity that you all have shown my family. It’s going to be a long process getting everything situated but we will make it with all your help. Please keep us in your prays because we need to give these kids a better life that they deserve. You are all in my thoughts and prays. We want to thank the following for their great support with these wonderful children: Kenny, Nancy and Gary Mater, Clint and Tina Steinert, Tim and Amy Fireb, Dale and Christy Maneth, Bernie and Judy Rabenseifner, Eugene and Mary Jo Maneth, Spencer and Mariah Moore, Brian and Rachelle Standleg, Zach Dobbin, The Michael Maneth family, Ron and Diane Batchman, Gayle Cell, Marcia Sauber, Diana Watson and Lakin, all the Barton County Employees, Great Bend Sheriff Department, Juvenile Services, Dawn Galusha at USD 428 School District, Marty Steinert, Hoisington School District, Eden Valley Church St. Anns Church, Girl Scout Troop 20203, Ellsworth Prison, Toys for Tots, Knights of Columbus in Olmitz,
Watkins and Calara Law Offices, and to all others that have helped us out
Thanks so much
Dan, Renee and Dustin Mater