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They should know they are Satan's spawn
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Dear Editor,
It is unfortunate that we, as a public have given so much power to other government agencies that they can single handedly wreck the lives of innocent children.
I am speaking of a recent incident regarding childcare and foster care.
These people conducted an inspection while the daycare was closed. I was under the impression these were to take place when the business was in operation.
Do they go to restaurants and conduct inspections when they are not open?
These people have turned the world of three innocent children upside down.
They snatched them from their home. The children had bonded and were finally attaching and adjusting after years of being in this structured, loving home.
Now, because of the actions and the over-zealous objectives of these agencies, the children are forever emotionally, physically and mentally scarred.
I’m sure these people convince themselves what they did was right.
But when they are alone at night and lay their head on their pillow, they must know they are Satan’s spawn.
Amy Hecker,
Great Bend