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We're aware of your pain
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Dear Editor,
Having been a frequent visitor at CKMC this past week has made me even more aware of pain and feelings of abandonment many of you are experiencing at the closing of the in-patient part of the hospital. 
We Dominican Sisters can identify with those feelings. 
Many of us have been involved in the health care ministry of St. Rose Hospital-CKMC for over 100 years and we are grieving also. 
We are saddened that many of you are losing your jobs and may have to be uprooted from your home and/or have a longer commute to a new job. 
You have been a major part of our ministry at CKMC and are struggling with the decisions you must now make. I can only assure you that you are and have been in our thoughts and prayers. 
Please know that we are so very grateful for the dedication you have brought to the healing ministry of CKMC.
Sister Anita Schugart,
Great Bend