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Moran’s actions speak louder than words
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I was somewhat taken back to find that Senator Moran cast the vote that he did 3-14-19.

We have had politicians both Republicans and Democrats acting like they want to secure the southern border for over 35 years. Unfortunately, very few of them ever really wanted it secured. The problem is this has dragged on to the point that almost everyone knows this is no longer a small problem. The southern border has become a major problem causing major human suffering on both sides of the border. 

There are a large number of people who want to improve their living conditions without going through legal channels to do it. Unfortunately the numbers are so large we cannot screen these people and know who is living in our country. Our border agents are so overloaded they cannot possibly do their jobs efficiently. Many of these people, more likely most, intend no one any harm. But U.S. citizens deserve to feel safe in their own neighborhoods. 

Problems that have developed include drug trafficking, human trafficking, gang members and criminals coming across the border into our country and committing violent crimes against U.S. citizens. Unfortunately, the problems continue to grow.

The above mentioned facts come as no surprise to our good senator. He knows all these things much better than I. He cast his vote Thursday knowing all about the border problems. He obviously decided that he wants to continue to support open borders and all the problems and human suffering that continue on both sides of the border.  

He has stated that he cast this vote, worried about President Trump’s National Emergency declaration. I find this statement more than a little dubious. His silence was deafening during President Obama’s National Emergency declaration. No one heard from the good senator then.

Kansas and U.S. Citizens deserve better border security than we have had for many years. 

Maybe I am too hard on our Senator. Perhaps we need to thank Senator Moran for showing us his true beliefs at last.

Again we see that a politician’s actions speak much more plainly than his words.

Senator Moran is a living example for the need for Term Limits.

We need term limits when politicians have no regard for citizens’ concerns and safety. 

Vernon Hayes

Great Bend