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Bath salt snorting is a bad idea
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Lucas Kocab, 31, was arrested in Medina, Ohio, and charged with “persistent disorderly conduct” after an incident that he attributed to having snorted “bath salts.”
Kocab had called police to help him evict the “30” intruders in his home, and although none were found, Kocab insisted that the intruders were merely making it seem like they were not there and that they were actually blending into the surroundings — disguised as chairs or trees.
Police said they were forced to Taser Kocab because he would not stop running in circles and yelling. The police examined the “bath salts” and determined that the substance is not illegal in Ohio.
Here’s a
problem you
don’t see
in most sports   
Dee Dee Jonrowe, leading the Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon in January of 1991 in northern Minnesota, took a wrong turn and went 300 yards before recognizing her error.
The mistake cost her only a few minutes, but stopping to calculate where she was allowed her team to have an unsupervised rest.
By the time she was ready to turn the sled around, two of her dogs had begun to copulate.
She was forced to wait on them for 25 minutes and lost the lead.
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