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But she meant good night
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In Charlotte, N.C., a female motorist was arrested for ramming another woman’s car after that woman said “Good morning” to the motorist’s boyfriend as the women dropped kids off at school.
Bleach hath
no fury
like a
woman scorned
In Arbutus, Md., a woman was arrested for throwing bleach and disinfectant at another woman in a Walmart (an incident in which at least 19 bystanders sought medical assistance).
Police learned that the arrestee’s child’s father had become the boyfriend of the bleach-targeted woman.
for the
birthing room
In a hospital in Upland, Pa., two pregnant women (ages 21 and 22) were arrested after injuring a woman, 36, and a girl, 15, in a brawl inside a patient’s room.
does that
The thief who made off with the valuable lamp from St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Winson Green, England, might well return to the building soon, for confession.
Clearly visible on the surveillance video inside was the man, as he was just about to snatch up the lamp, making the sign of the cross.
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