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Free, free to be eaten!
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From time to time, Tibetan Buddhists inadvertently support the seafood industry with campaigns of “liberation” of living beings.
A Buddhist group purchased 534 lobsters from a Gloucester, Mass., wholesaler, sprayed them with holy water, clipped off their claw bindings, and released them into the Atlantic Ocean.
Of course, the lobsters were almost certainly re-caught, by Gloucester lobstermen.
A 2004 News of the Weird story from Marina del Rey, Calif., reported that a Buddhist group made monthly pilgrimages to the harbor, purchased bait and “liberated” it, though it almost certainly was immediately eaten by fish.
That’s right,
he was the
dirty rat
A two-week spree of five customer holdups in front of ATMs in Cambridge, Mass., came to an end in November, 2003 with the arrest of Richard McCabe, 38.
In four of the five robberies, bank security cameras photographed the perpetrator, and McCabe was apparently so disliked by so many that when police released the photos, more than 100 people called, eager to rat him out.
Said a detective,
“Many people knew him personally from dealing with him in the past.”
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