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Its how Dillinger started out
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In Jackson, Minn., Andrew Espey was sentenced to 90 days in jail for improperly shingling the roof of his house.
Complained Espey, “A drunk can drive down the highway and get a lot less of a sentence.”
He had affixed new shingles without first removing the old ones.
Another entrepreneur
gets it from
the system
Larry Stone, jailed on property crimes in Tavares, Fla., because he could not make the $1,250 bail, posted the bond by earning $1,300 in telephone-company money after discovering a management error that credited his jail account $46 for every international call he pretended to make.
The company figured out the problem a day later and recovered all the payouts from the accounts of Stone and 250 other prisoners who had learned of the glitch.
Stone’s bond was revoked, of course, and he was returned to lockup.
And we watch it
on the idiot box
for entertainment
While too many children in Third World countries die from starvation or lack of basic medicines, the preschoolers of the TLC TV channel’s “Outrageous Kid Parties” reality show celebrate birthdays and “graduation” (from or to kindergarten) with spectacular events that may cost their parents $30,000 or more.
Typical features, included a Ferris wheel, a roller coaster, a dunking booth, animal rides and a cotton candy machine, as well as the obligatory live music and limo or horseback for grand entrances.
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