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Theres gold in them thar gutters
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“The streets of 47th Street are literally paved with gold,” said one of New York City’s gold wranglers, as he, down on all fours and manipulating tweezers, picked specks of gold, silver and jewels that had fallen off of clothing and jewelry racks as they were rolled from trucks into stores.
The man told the New York Post that he had recently earned $819 in redemptions for six days’ prospecting.
Notice which
one officials
didn’t pull 
New, on the “News of the Weird Food Cart”:
• Grasshopper tacos — at San Francisco’s La Oaxaquena Bakery, but pulled by local health authorities, who were concerned that the bakery was importing Mexican insects rather than using American ones.
• Cicada ice cream — at Sparky’s Homemade in Columbia, Mo., but also yanked off sale by local health authorities.
• Maggot-melt sandwiches — which are just what you suspect, cheese and dead maggots, at the California State Fair.
The kid should have
used a better holster 
A loaded handgun fell from the pocket of a kindergarten student in Houston, firing a single bullet that slightly wounded two classmates and the “shooter.”
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