One seriously injured in Great Bend explosion
One person received what were described as critical injuries in an explosion reported at 3:08 a.m. Wednesday at 705 10th St. in Great Bend.
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Weird turns into foul
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Basically, “Toto” is to sophisticated toilets in Japan as “Apple” is to consumer electronics in America.
Toto unveiled a prototype motorcycle with a toilet bowl to convert a driver’s waste into fuel, not only making it self-gassed-up but contributing to the company’s goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 50 percent within six years. The company was launching a month-long, cross-country publicity tour — presumably featuring a gastro-intestinally robust driver.
They make
Barney Fife
look expert
People who shot themselves recently:
Two men — a 23-year-old in Fayetteville, N.C., and a 22-year-old in Seminole, Fla., accidentally shot themselves in the head while trying to assure friends that their guns posed no danger. 
A man on a first date at Ruth’s Chris Steak house in Charlotte, N.C., accidentally shot himself in the leg as he was escorting his date to their car.
And, as usual, at least one man — a 27-year-old in Chandler, Ariz. — paid the price for inartfully using his waistband as a holster, causing a “groin” injury.
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