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Where shes headed, its much warmer
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When Laura Diprimo, 43, and Thomas Lee, 28, were arrested for child endangerment in Louisville, Ky., it appeared to be yet another instance of a mother leaving an infant locked in a hot car.
• 91-degree heat index outside •
While she was frolicking elsewhere.
• Drinking with Lee at the Deja Vu club •
According to a report on WDRB-TV, while the two were in the police car en route to jail, Lee complained that the back seat of the cruiser was uncomfortably warm.
Hey, he made
his own choice 
A 55-year-old Lafayette, N.Y. man participating in a protest of New York’s mandatory-helmet law was killed after losing control of his motorcycle and hitting his head on the pavement, even though doctors said he surely would have survived had he been wearing a regulation helmet.
Wow! We got
green bullets now
“This is a clear case where making something environmentally friendly works for us,” said Lt. Col. Jeff Woods, the U.S. Army’s product manager for small-caliber ammunition.
He told in May that new steel-core 5.56mm cartridges not only “penetrate” (kill) more effectively, but are less environmentally toxic than current lead-core ammo.
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