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On the naughty list
Damage doesnt stop holiday tradition
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What kind of a Grinch would do such a thing?
Great Bend city employees received an unwanted early Christmas gift Friday morning when the found extensive vandalism of Trail of Lights displays at Veterans Park. The bulk of the damage was done to the “12 Days of Christmas” displays on the north end of the park. The Santa and sleigh display were also pulled down on the roof of the picnic shelter and two displays in front of the shelter mangled and pushed over.
This is not the first time the “12 days of Christmas” has been vandalized. Ten years ago the displays were smashed on Thanksgiving weekend. 
This time around, city officials said it’s hard to estimate the cost of the damage, but said it could be as much as $15,000.
Authorities said the vandals “smashed and stomped on [the displays] with their feet. Others were bent in half so they probably put their body weight on them. Everything is foot traffic.”
The damage could have been done in less than an hour, but it took much longer to repair it. City crews began working after Halloween in order to have all the displays up by Thanksgiving. 
Those responsible for this outrage should be ashamed. It’s difficult to imagine what kind of a sick mind would find this fun or funny.
Like the Grinch, they may think they stolen Christmas, but they are mistaken.
 Credit must be given to city crews that hustled to have most of the displays ready by Friday night. This made it possible for local residents, and their visiting friends and family members to enjoy in what has become for many a Christmas tradition.
As for the culprits, the least you deserve is are lumps of coal in your stockings. But Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of up to $1,000 dollars for anyone who calls their line (888-305-1300) with information on your crime.
Dale Hogg