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Thanks for work on Waupun windmill
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To the editor:

On behalf of the Barton County Historical Society we wish to thank the following contributors to the repair of our Waupun windmill.

First and foremost Larry Gale, who ramrodded the project, and the volunteer help of the building and grounds committee: Larry Klusener, Carl Helm, Vernon Hayes and Randy Suchy.  

The businesses and individuals that contributed are as follows: Aaron’s Repair, Heartland Collision, Randy’s Machine & Repair, Warren Brothers, Amerine Utilities, Garbs Welding, Foley and P&S Electric. 

Our apologies if we have left anyone off; we appreciate you all. Without the support of the community, we would not be able to preserve and protect the history of Barton County.

Please stop by the Barton County Historical Society Village and view the repaired Waupun windmill when it is back up, which should be soon.

Barton County Historical Society

Barton County Historical Society Board of Directors


Leslie Helsel

Karen Neuforth