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Asking for help
City of Ellinwood does the right thing
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There is a ditch in the southeast corner of Ellinwood that falls under the jurisdiction of the city. It has also, over the years, become choked with weeds and other debris.
Ellinwood City Administrator Bob Peter told the Barton County Commission Monday morning that it would cost the community around $100,000 to hire a contractor to clean the ditch. The city itself doesn’t have the resources to handle such a job on its own.
A number of heavy rains recently have shown the need for the cleaning, Peter said. The ditch channels water that falls within the city limits into the Arkansas River.
After the improvements, the storm sewer system will work more efficiently, allowing water to drain quicker. Large rains do cause some street flooding in that area.
So, Peter came before the commission asking for help, and commissioners responded.
Under the deal approved Monday, the county will basically act as a contractor and assist Ellinwood crews in what is expected to be a two- to three-week project. The county Road and Bridge Department estimated the cost at $21,000, which will be paid for by the city.
County officials said they were happy to lend a hand.
This is an example of cooperation between a city and the county. It is also an example of a municipality recognizing it needed assistance and making the wise and cost-effective choice to ask for it.
Dale Hogg