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Brain meltdown
Lawmakers should stick to facts
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Members of the Kansas Legislature’s House Energy and Environment Committee on Thursday considered a resolution to ignore science.
According to the Associated Press, “The nonbinding resolution ... declares that the federal goals for addressing climate change are based on false assumptions about the role of carbon dioxide and human activity. Supporters of the resolution said they doubt that human-caused climate change even exists, despite a body of scientific research that suggests it does.”
Zack Pistora, a lobbyist from the Kansas Sierra Club, presented some facts:
“A search of peer-reviewed scientific articles on climate change show that only 24 of 13,950 peer-reviewed articles rejected human-caused global warming,” Pistora said. “Also, a growing number of professional and scientific organizations, including our American armed forces, have both acknowledged the climate problem and the need for climate action.”
What “facts” do the supporters of the resolution offer? They are “agnostic,” about climate change, proposing that no one can really know if it exists or understand its ways.
“The only thing you know for sure about the weather in Kansas, as you all know, is it’s going to change,” Sen. Forrest Knox, R-Altoona, said. “That’s all we really know about climate too.”
Perhaps we should learn, because the effects of climate change will touch all of our lives.