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Move a bad idea
Keep the State Fair off Labor Day weekend
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The Kansas State Fair celebrated its 100th birthday this past September. Organizers refer to it as a party on the prairie and it is indeed a major event.
Over the past decade, attendance at the fair has topped 300,000 for its week-long run. There are the rides and concerts, of course, but there are also exhibits featuring the talents of the state’s youth.
The fair is also a key opportunity for many businesses to reach potential customers. Local business owners from Great Bend are among the beneficiaries of this.
From Pronto Pups to the butter sculpture to the Old Mill ride to the 4-H projects, the fair is a showcase of all things Kansas.
However, there is an effort afoot among fair officials to move the KSF so that it includes Labor Day weekend. This may seem fine on the surface, but it is troublesome.
Just as the fair has a massive impact on the state level, there are many events that are equally important at the local levels. The Hoisington Labor Day celebration is one of these, one that could harmed by moving the fair.
Hoisington’s annual observance has been a staple for 117 years. It draws massive crowds to the community over that weekend and is also has a positive affect on all of Barton County.
It would be a shame than the state fair overshadow this time-honored tradition.
And, it is not just Hoisington. Labor Day is the unofficial last gasp of summer, and a time for families to head to the lake or visit family members.
These could also be conflicts.
State Fair officials are conducting an on-line survey gathering feedback on the switch. It can be found at:
We should all take this opportunity to make our voices heard.
Dale Hogg