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Parents should teach children to behave
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Over Memorial Day, a 3-year-old boy who wouldn’t let anybody buckle his seat belt was ordered off of an Alaska Airlines flight.
The child started screaming and yelling with crying. The father said he tried to put him in his seat and his seat belt. The child would then lay down, so the seat belt was across his neck.
This problem apparently continued for a period of time, delaying takeoff.
The airline made the right decision to remove the child and his father. This child delayed an entire airplane full of passengers.
The rule is have your seatbelt on at take off for everyone for safety reasons. Period.
Furthermore, what’s going on that a toddler could be that disruptive?
Who was in charge here? Clearly, the 3 year old.
Of course, the father thought it was an overreaction of the airline. In our litigious society, nobody can  blame the airline.
In addition, a 3 year old is definitely old enough to know that if screaming and yelling has worked for him in the past, it will that day. Clearly, this child has learned tantrums get him what he wants.
If he is regularly riding in a car seat, that battle should have been done and over with by age 3.
This father lacks control over his children. What about a swat on the behind? Might do the kid some good.
Screaming and yelling may be somewhat acceptable for a 3 year old to get what he wants; it’s not going to be so nice on a 17 year old who is bigger than dear old dad.
Undoubtedly, had the plane taken off, and this child unbuckled himself and got hurt, the airline would have been sued.
The job of the parent is to teach children appropriate behaviors, and how to behave in public. The child ruined the family vacation, and the father excused his behavior, blaming the airline for overreacting.
A 3 year old is capable of sitting still for a few minutes.
I just hope the parents take some parenting classes.