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Pay the Bills
Moderates should take charge
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Senators who want to reduce government spending have a point, but those looking to score points by shutting down the government to attack the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are just looking after their own selfish interests. It’s time for the moderates on the left and right to take charge and act in the best interest of our nation.
Those on the far left should drop their scare tactics, such as telling people they may not get their Social Security checks. Those on the far right should put down the Dr. Seuss books and grow up.
Some claim to support benefits in the Affordable Care Act, yet they continue to oppose “ObamaCare.”  Others may not realize all of its benefits. The new law guarantees everyone access to health insurance, regardless of pre-existing health conditions, and a lot more.
An article by Kimberly Amadeo at lists some lesser known provisions of the Affordable Care Act:
“(It) created the National Prevention Council that coordinates all Federal health efforts to promote active, drug-free lifestyles. It funds scholarships and loans to double the number of health care providers in five years. It cuts down on fraudulent doctor/supplier relationships. It also requires background checks of all nursing home staff, to prevent abuse of seniors.”
All of this will cost money, even if it also saves money. There are pros and cons to “Obamacare,” but our lawmakers have debated that and Republicans have tried about 40 times to repeal the new law since it passed. Without the numbers to do more, those votes were largely symbolic, so now we have the refusal to raise the debt ceiling – and a government shutdown that does nothing good.
Even conservative pundit Michael Reagan, who says, “Obamacare is a total crock,” recently added, “I wouldn’t use the issue of raising the debt ceiling to get the American people engaged.”
Members of the so-called Tea Party should take note. Shutting down the government won’t win them votes, and in a democracy it is votes they will need to change the law in the future. Some constructive ideas might help, too.