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Road to success
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Granted, in this day of huge international stories, it’s not big news that they are going to improve the road up to Coronado Heights, but it’s certainly welcome news and it is a sign that Kansas will continue to support one of its lesser known jewels.
For those who haven’t made the short trip, Coronado Heights is the WPA Project sandstone castle located on top of a bluff north of Lindsborg.
Surrounded by sandstone picnic benches and little shelter areas, the castle is a unique attraction, including a winding staircase that leads up to the overlook.
For kids of all ages, the experience of looking out over the surrounding landscape from the top of the little castle is a great time.
But the drive up to the castle, winding around the hill on which it stands, has always been something of a challenge.
Now some of the funding needed is available, though more is needed.
According to the Associated Press, “Deep ruts now scar the three-quarter-mile access road to the 75-year-old sandstone castle and surrounding public park overlooking the Smoky Hill river valley.
“The Smoky Valley Historical Association owns and maintains the Saline County attraction, which recently was listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.”
The association has about $4,000 and another $2,000 is needed.
It’s another example of what our state has to offer and it’s a great place to take kids and grandkids, or to go just to enjoy the beauty of our state.
— Chuck Smith