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Thank ya' very much, Hungary
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Thank ya’, thank ya’ very much.
Elvis has left the building, the planet, shuffled off this mortal coil, moved on to a different, if not higher, plain.
But though he’s gone, he’s not forgotten, not even in Budapest.
Mr. The Pelvis is being named an honorary Hungarian — no jokes about fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, please — and they are going to name some stuff after him, according to the Associated Press.
“Budapest’s mayor says Elvis Presley will be declared a posthumous honorary citizen of Hungary’s capital and a city landmark will be named after him.
“Mayor Istvan Tarlos said Wednesday that Elvis will be commemorated because of his support for Hungary in the wake of the short-lived, anti-Soviet revolution of October 1956.
“On the city’s website, visitors can pick one of 12 locations to be renamed after Elvis, including street crossings, a small square and a site at the foot of Margaret Bridge, which spans the Danube River. Voting closes March 15.
“On Jan. 6, 1957, during his last appearance on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show,’ Elvis sang a gospel standard, ‘Peace in Valley,’ which Sullivan said reflected the singer’s preoccupation with Hungarians’ plight after the uprising.”
Hard to follow the logic, Ed, but so be it, it’s still a nice honor for Elvis.
The point that is important to us, in this day and age when we are facing some very real challenges in this nation is this: Much of the world would still like to be more like American than any place else on the planet.
In this day when so many elitists in this culture continue to try to remake us into a European socialist state, it is refreshing to see people, like Mayor Tarlos, who continue to unabashedly love our culture.
Americans have, throughout our history, been subjected by elitists with the suggestion that we are somehow lessor than Europe.
That’s a crock.
We have every right to be proud of our heritage and we owe it to the future to protect our culture and our heritage.
Sure, from time to time we get carried away with ourselves, just like Elvis did, but let’s face it, people aren’t busting down barriers to get OUT of the United States — at least not yet.
— Chuck Smith