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We'll take the money, even with the zombies
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In 2009, when drivers in Austin, Texas saw the zombie warning signs, they were part of a computer hack, but soon when they are seen in Georgia they won’t be a joke.
They’re serious.
According to the Associated Press, “Some roads are closing on account of zombies next week in an Atlanta suburb.
“Police in Cobb County are warning drivers to be on guard for a zombie outbreak as filming of the hit drama series ‘The Walking Dead’ begins there. They plan to post two message boards on a busy thoroughfare
“Police officer Mike Bowman said drivers can expect zombies and simulated gunfire, which could lead to traffic delays next week.”
The Austin incident involved highway signs with changeable messages being hacked and the messages reworded, warning drivers of “zombies ahead.”
It was a joke, but there’s nothing in particular to laugh at about the Georgia situation, unless, of course, you are just happy to have the income it represents.
The Georgia zombie outbreak is important because it represents the successful efforts to bring film production into the state, something that we need lots more of here in Kansas.
All you have to do is get out to our remodeled movie theaters over the next couple, three months to see the point to all this. Pick a blockbuster, sit down in the cool and watch a couple of hours of millions in industry all around you.
There is huge money being spent on and made in entertainment today.
If crews will go to Georgia, they will come to Kansas. We need to get busy making it happen. They’re going to spend the money somewhere. It might as well be here — zombies or not.
— Chuck Smith