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Cardinals' No. 1 doubles places third
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Hoisington’s No. 1 doubles Tessa Fry/Mallory Reif (3-1) placed third with an 8-6 victory over Dodge City’s Becca Unruh/Michaela Mink at Saturday’s Great Bend Tennis Invitational. Hoisington’s Emma Willesden (1-3) placed fourth with a 8-3 loss to Dodge City’s America Gamez.

Great Bend’s No. 1 singles Laura Daniel (1-3) placed fourth with a 8-2 loss to Liberal’s Katie Claussen. No. 2 singles Danica Strickland (1-3) placed sixth with an 8-4 loss to Trego’s Skyler Wittman. No. 1 doubles Samantha Mayers/Taylor Lashley (1-3) finished sixth with an 8-3 loss to Liberal’s Ara Jurado/Lesley Hernandez. No. 2 doubles Tania Molina/Marley Harris (1-3) placed sixth with an 8-4 loss to Hoisington’s Cheyenne Martinz/Lauren Higgins.


TEAM SCORES—1—Sterling 62; 2—Garden City 53; 3—Dodge City 39; 4—Liberal 34; 5—Hoisington 32; 6—WaKeeney-Trego 29; 7—Great Bend 26; 8—Ellinwood 3


1—Carolina Brungardt, Trego def. Ella Wellman, Sterling, 8-2

3—Katie Claussen, Liberal def. Laura Daniel, GB, 8-2

5—Andrea Morales, DC def. Brooke Ptacek, GC, 8-0

7—Ashlynn George, Hoisington def. Kiley Troyer, Ellinwood, 8-1

Daniel def. Troyer, 8-7 (9-7); Wellman def. Daniel, 8-3; Wellman def. Daniel, 8-3; Brungardt def. George, 8-1; Claussen def. George, 8-7 (7-5); Ptacek def. George, 8-2;

Morales def. Troyer, 8-7 (7-4); Wellman def. Troyer, 8-4



1—Alivia Palmer, GC def. Cylie LaTourell, Sterling, 8-2

3—America Gamez, DC def. Emma Willesden, Hoisington, 8-3

5—Skyler Wittman, Trego def. Danica Strickland, GB, 8-4

7—Sahara Rhiza, GB def. Kiley Stevenson, Ellinwood, 8-5

Willesden def. Rhiza, 8-4; Willesden def. Wittman, 8-3; Palmer def. Willesden, 8-1; Strickland def. Stevenson, 8-7 (7-5); LaTourell def. Strickland, 8-0; Gamez def. Strickland, 8-2; LaTourell def. Stevenson, 8-1; Gamez def. Stevenson, 8-2



1—Sage Riggs/Sidney Nanninga, GC def. Kate Rowland/Karissa Wilson, Sterling, 8-3

3—Tessa Fry/Mallory Reif, Hoisington def. Becca Unruh/Michaela Mink, DC, 8-6

5—Ara Jurado/Lesley Hernandez, Liberal def. Samantha Mayers/Taylor Lashley, GB, 8-3

7—Ava Thill/Mahra Johnson, Ellinwood def. Averi Daubert/Alyssa Schneider, Trego, 8-2

Fry/Reif def. Daubert/Schneider, 8-1; Fry/Reif def. Jurado/Hernandez, 8-4; Riggs/Nanninga def. Fry/Reif, 8-3; Mayers/Lashley def. Thill/Johnson, 8-6; Unruh/Mink def. Mayers/Lashley, 8-5; Rowland/Wilson def. Mayers/Lashley, 8-5; Rowland/Wilson def. Thill/Johnson, 8-0; Unruh/Mink def. Thill/Johnson, 8-6



1—Kelsey Webb/Sunny Carder, Sterling def. Chloe Powell/Payton Tull, GC, 8-6

3—Lanee Harp/Shiya Bhatka, Liberal def. Oliva Buddy/Beth Harmon, DC, 8-3

5—Cheyenne Martinz/Lauren Higgins, Hoisington def. Tania Molina/Marley Harris, GB, 8-4

7—Darcy Draper/Madeline Campbell, Trego def. Gracyn Dombroski/Grace Sturtz, Ellinwood, 8-2

Martinz/Higgins def. Draper/Campbell, 8-4; Powell/Tull def. Martinz/Higgins, 8-3; Harp/Bhatka def. Martinz/Higgins, 8-7 (7-5); Molina/Harris def. Dombroski/Sturtz, 8-6; Webb/Carder def. Molina/Higgins, 8-5; Buddy/Harmon def. Molina/Higgins, 8-5; Buddy/Harmon def. Dombroski/Sturtz, 8-6; Webb/Carder def. Dombroski/Sturtz, 8-0