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Central Plains doubles win Hesston title
Oiler tennis 2019.JPG

HESSTON — Central Plains Oilers Brett Liebl and Devin Ryan swept past returning Smoky Valley state tennis qualifiers Jake Lucas-Matt Lucas 8-3 to capture the Hesston Invitational doubles tennis championship. Liebl and Ryan won four matches in one of the state’s most prestigeous tennis tournaments.

Ryan is a three-time state qualifier who placed second in 3A state doubles with Paxton Hammeke last year. Liebl placed third in 3A state doubles with Kade Beck.

The Oilers doubles team of Paxton Hammeke and Lawson Oeser placed sixth with a 8-4 loss to Abilene’s Luke Koehler and Cody Schiffner. 

Central Plains’ J.J. Heredia placed ninth with a 8-2 victory over Sterling’s Rhain Isaac. Central Plains’ Karter Beck placed 17th with a hard-fought 8-7 (7-2) victory over Wichita Collegiate’ s Andy Park. Oeser and Heredia each won two matches at 3A state tennis last year. The Oilers captured the 2016 state title and placed state runner-up in 2017 and 2018.

Central Plains finished fifth (104) behind champion Wichita Trinity (114) and runner-s-up Buhler (110) and Smoky Valley (110).



1—Wichita Trinity 114

2—Buhler 110

2—Smoky Valley 110

4—Conway Springs 108

5—Central Plains 104

6—Sterling 88

7—Hesston 87

8—Abilene 75

9—McPherson 48

10—Hillsboro 17

11—Wichita Collegiate 13


1—Logan Gamble, Hesston def. William Weiner, Sterling, 8-5

3—Drew Majors, WT def. Houston Weimar, WT, 8-4

5—Luke Bellar CS def. Luke Ingalls, Buhler, 8-5

7—Drake Dick, Buhler def. Cole Brumabaugh, SV, 8-6

9—J.J. Heredia, CP def. Rhain Isaac, Sterling, 8-2 

11—Garrett Robinson, CS sdef. Cade Schneider, SV, 8-2

15—Jay West, Abilene def. Colson Hicks, Mc, 8-4

13—Zach Wash, Mc def. Wyatt Davis, Abilene, 8-3

17—Karter Beck, CP def. Andy Park, WC, 8-7 (7-2) 

19—Cedon Yoder, Heston def. Jordan Bayles, WC, 6-4

21—Ethan Plenert, Hillsboro def. Josiah Jost, Hillsboro, 8-0

Brumbaugh, SV def. Heredia, CP, 8-1; Heredia, CP def. Wash, Mc, 8-1; Heredia, CP def. Robinson, CS, 8-3

Schneider, SV def. Beck, CP, 8-4; Yost, Hillsboro def. Beck, CP, 8-6; Beck, CP def. Bayles, WC, 8-0


1—Brett Liebl-Devin Ryan, CP def. Jake Lucas-Matt Lucas, SV, 8-3

3—Carter Engelken-Cameron Engelken, Buhler def. Peyton Winter-Joshua Koester, CS, 8-4

5—Luke Kohler-Cody Schiffner, Abilene def. Lawson Oeser-Paxton Hammeke, CP, 8-4

7—Johann Raucholz-Carson Byers, SV def. Isaac Decker-Jeb Carlson, Hesston, 8-7 (7-3)

9—Kory Rash-Cole Matthews, WT def. Cody Jones-Jack Ebenkamp, CS, 8-7 (7-4)

11—Noah Pennington-Joe Vigilius, WT def. Cooper Galyon-Ryan Birzer, Sterling, 8-7 (8-6) 

13—Neil Case-Cale McCabe, Buhler def. Ethan Moran-Ben Bollinger, Hesston, 8-0

15—Tim Barbieri-Mark Cooper, Abilene def. Logan Hardgrave-Alex Houston, Mc, 8-3

17—Bryce Wilson-Tucker Robson, Sterling def. Gavin Dobson-Clayton Everhart, Mc, 8-6

19—Unruh-Bartel, Hillsboro def. Henry Hein-Bryce Rader, Hillsboro, 8-0

Liebl-Ryan, CP def. Moran-Bollinger, Hesston, 8-2; Liebl-Ryan, CP def. Kohler-Schiffner, Abilene, 8-4; Liebl-Ryan, CP def. Engelken-Engelken, Buhler, 8-2 

Oeser-Hammeke, CP def. Case-McCabe, Buhler, 8-5; Lucas-Lucas, SV def. Oeser-Hammeke, CP, 8-2; Oeser-Hammeke, CP def. Decker-Carlson, Hesston, 8-4