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Panther tennis places fourth at WAC
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Panther golf places fourth at Salina.

LIBERAL — Great Bend’s No. 2 singles Hayden Honomichl (3-1) placed runner-up to Garden City’s Aaron Shaffer in Monday’s Western Athletic Conference Tennis Tournament. The temperature hit 65 degrees with a 20-25 mph north wind.

Great Bend’s No. 1 singles Matthew Phillips (0-4) played one match before sustaining an ankle injury. No. 1 doubles Josh Hoisington-Malachi Williams (1-3) finished fourth. No. 2 doubles Jordan Popp-oger Arias (2-2) placed third. 

Garden City’s No. 1 singles Huy Nguyen, No. 1 doubles Will Keller-Daniel Darter and No. 2 doubles Nathan Morren-Tyler Morren all finished with 4-0 records.

Will Keller was named WAC Player of the Year. Garden City’s Rod Robinson was named Coach of the Year.


1—Garden City 16; 2—Dodge City 10; 3—Hays High 7; 4—Great Bend 6; 5—Liberal 1


1—Huy Nguyen, GC, 4-0 

2—Zac Wyse, HH, 3-1 

3—Lakin Scheck, DC, 2-2 

4—Erick Rodriguez, L, 1-3 

5—Matthew Phillips, GB, 0-4 

Nguyen def. Wyse, 8-0; Nguyen def. Scheck, 8-2; Nguyen def. Rodriguez, 8-0; Nguyen def. Phillips, 8-0; Wyse def. Scheck, 8-2; Wyse def. Rodriguez, 8-1; Wyse def. Phillips, forfeit; Scheck def. Rodriguez, 8-2; Scheck def. Phillips, forfeit; Rodriguez def. Phillips, forfeit


1—Aaron Shaffer, GC, 4-0 

2—Hayden Honomichl, GB, 3-1 

3—Arturo Redondo, DC, 2-2 

3—Chris Goodale, HH, 1-3 

5—Jack Maxwell, L, 0-4  

Shaffer def. Honomichl, 8-3; Shaffer def. Redondo, 8-5; Shaffer def. Goodale, 8-4; Shaffer def. Maxwell, 8-1; Honomichl def. Redondo, 8-7 (8-6); Honomichl def. Goodale, 8-1; Honomichl def. Maxwell, 8-2; Redondo def. Goodale, 8-5; Redondo def. Maxwell, 8-3; Goodale def. Maxwell, 8-5


1—Will Keller-Danil Darter, GC, 4-0 

2—Cannon Bunkall-Alex Ramirez, DC, 3-1 

3—Seth Shorb-Brandon Kennemer, HH, 2-2 

4—Josh Hoisington-Malachi Williams, GB, 1-3 

5—Ivan Armendariz-Alex Perez, L, 0-4 

GC def. DC, 8-2; GC def. HH, 8-2; GC def. GB, 8-2; GC def. Liberal, 8-0; DC def. HH, 8-3; DC def. GB, 8-5; DC def. Liberal, 8-2; HH def. GB, 8-2; HH def. Liberal, 8-1; GB def. Liberal, 8-3 



1—Nathan Morren-Tyler Morren, GC 4-0 

2—Erik Martinez-Chris Velez, DC, 3-1 

3—Jordan Popp-Roger Arias, GB, 2-2  

4—Eli Zimmerman-Adam King, HH, 1-3 

5—Cristobal Sanchez-Bryan Symons, L, 0-4 

GC def. DC, 8-1; GC def. GB, 8-1; GC def. HH, 8-1; GC def. Liberal, 8-1; DC def. GB, 8-1; DC def. HH, 8-1; DC def. Liberal, 8-2; GB def. HH, 8-6; GB def. Liberal, 8-1; HH def. Liberal, 8-5