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Great Bend swimmers post best times
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Panther golf places seventh at Hays.


MANHATTAN — Great Bend 100-yard backstroke runner-up Zoe Jerke and Rachel Panzer led the Panthers for season-best performances at Monday’s Manhattan Swim Invitational.

Runner-up finishes were posted by Jerke, 100 backstroke (1:12.61); Alexis Ibarra, 100 breaststroke (1:23.97); and Aubrey Snapp, 100 freestyle (2:17.69) 

The Panthers were runner-up in all three relays — the 200 free relay (2:03.23) featuring Aubrey Snapp, Brynn Boxberger, Emma Mayhill, Monica Lang; the 

200 medley relay (2:11.89) with Katherine Snapp, Alexis Ibarra, Williams, Zoe Jerke; and the 400 freestyle relay (4:22.68) with Ruth Williams, Aubrey Snapp, Rachel Panzer, Zoe Jerke competing.

“We had a few really nice swims,” said Great Bend coach Steve Beaumont. “Zoe Jerke had her best meet of the season so far with season bests in her events. Rachel Panzer had two personal best times in her events.”

Beaumont said younger swimmers showed progress.

“We had really nice swims by our rookie swimmers — Grace Dougherty (100 breast) and Allia Allen (100 Free) Tania Molina (100 free); Alayna Irwin (500 free),” he said. “The group has improved a lot. It’s great to see their hard work paying off.”

The veterans were solid too.

“Aubrey Snapp was solid as always,” he said. “She keeps sneaking up on the 100 free state qualifying time. We hope to get that soon. Ruth Williams had a nice 200 IM. She’s put together good freestyle swims lately for us. We look forward to swimming in Salina on Friday and knocking some time off our events.” 


TEAM SCORES—1—Manhattan 484; 2—Great Bend 361; 3—Junction City 231; 4—Hays High 168

50 freestyle—1—Randall, 27.02; 2—Jerke, 27.78; 10—Lang, 31.25; 11—Cape, 31.26; 19—Pedigo, 34.4; 20—Popp, 34.72; 24—Millard, 35.48; 25—Mason, 35.94; 26—Barton, 36.14; 30—Jones, 36.62; 56—Reyes, 42.17; 66—Stout, 45.54; Molina, 47.69

100 backstroke—1—Randall, Man, 1:08.24; 2—Jerke, 1:12.61; 3—K. Snapp, 1:17.0; 4—Panzer, 1:19.96

100 breaststroke—1—Boland, JC, 1:22.16; 2—Ibarra, 1:23.97; 5—Huslig, 1:35.2; 11—Dougherty, 1:40.59

100 butterfly—1—Francois, Man, 1:09.22; 3—K. Snapp, 1:18.53; 4—Panzer, 1:24.6; 6—Mayhill, 1:30.91 

100 freestyle—1—Cassou, Man, 59.6; 2—Aubrey Snapp, GB, 1:00.03; 5—Williams, 1:06.69; 7—Ibarra, 1:11.84; 12–Boxberger, 1:15.96; 15_Alia Allen, 1:19.01; 19—Popp, 1:22.04; 25—Holguin, 1:24.37; 42—Muth, 1:33.36; 45—Reyes, 1:35.39; 55—Molina, 1:41.76; 56—Stout, 1:42.6; 60—Breanne Allen, 1:49.08 

200 freestyle—1—Hayden, Man, 2:10.16; 2—A. Snapp, 2:17.69; 7—Soupiset, 2:43.71; 11—Boxberger, 2:59.19; 13—Holguin, 3:10.08 

200 IM—1—Cassou, Man, 2:28.04; 4—Williams, 2:50.87

500 freestyle—1—Flavin, Hays, 6:14.0; 4—Cape,7:06.97; 5—Barton, 7:33.98; 6—Pedigo, 7:40.82; 9—Mason, 8:23.74; 11—Irwin, 9:04.87

200 free relay—1—Manhattan, 1:53.28

2—GB A, 2:03.23 (Aubrey Snapp, Boxberger, Mayhill, Lang)

6—GB B, 2:11.28 (Ibarra, Huslig, Soupiset, Barrton)

12—GB C, 2:29.23 (Irwin, Muth, Holguin, Mason)

22—GB D, 3:01.12 (B. Allen, Stout, Molina, Reyes)

200 medley relay—1—Manhattan, 2:05.33

2—GB A, 2:11.89 (K. Snapp, Ibarra, Williams, Jerke) 

3—GB B, 2:21.07 (Panzer, Cape, Huslig, Lang)

6—GB C, 2:41.45 (Pedigo, Dougherty, Popp, Millard)

400 freestyle relay—1—Manhattan, 4:06.76

2—GB A, 4:22.68 (Ruth Williams, Aubrey Snapp, Rachel Panzer, Zoe Jerke)

4—GB B, 4:45.32 (Cape, Lang, Mayhill, K. Snapp)

7—GB C, 5:10.82 (Boxberger, Pedigo, Barton, Soupiset)

10—GB D, 5:55.33 (Popp, A. Allen, Holguin, Jones)