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Hoisington, Larned wrestling regional
Hoisington's Wyatt Pedigo vs. Josh Kramer.jpg
Hoisington's state champion Wyatt Pedigo (195) starts a match with Larned's Josh Kramer. No. 1 state-ranked Pedigo pinned Kramer in 3:20.

RUSSELL — Hoisington's two-time state champion Wyatt Pedigo (33-0, 195) cruised to three easy wins to capture the Russell 3A regional wrestling championship. Pedigo defeated SE Saline's Sterling Harp, 5-0 in the championship match. Pedigo is unbeaten and Team Kansas Colorado national champion. 

Hoisington's Joshua Ball (21-3, 170) and Larned's No. 4 Braydon Lemuz, (27-4, 138) and No. 2 Samajay Alboyd, (23-4 145) captured regional titles. Ball defeated Halstead's Kaden Kraus 7-1 in the finals. Ball is a three-time state qualifier who placed fifth and sixth the past two years. Lemuz defeated Canton-Galva's Ryder Norstrom, 9-0 in the finals. Alboyd downed Kingman's Colby Schreiner, 9-7 in the championship match.

A trio of wrestlers finished runner-up. Larned's No. 2 ranked Dillen Hook (27-1, 113) lost 7-6 to Republic County's Jon Dyke, in the finals. Larned's Gatlin Hoch (24-9, 126) was pinned (1:21) by Republic County's Kaleb Talkington in the finals.  Hoisington's  Cole Steinert, (25-6, 152) lost a 7-5 overtime heartbreaker to Beloit's Hunter Prochaska.

Team champion Republic County (167) was followed by Beloit (131.5), Larned (127) and Hoisington (109).

The top four finishers advance to the 3-1A state tournament at Fort Hays State.


TEAM SCORES–1–Republic County 167; 2–Beloit 137.5; 3–Larned 127; 4–Hoisington 109; 5–Minneapolis 84; 6–Russell 77.5; 7–Halstead 66;  Ellsworth 66; 9–Hillsboro 58;  10–SE Saline 46 


106–Austin Armstrong, L (22-11); Eastin Redetzke, H (23-14), fourth; Redetzke def. Nienke, Ellsworth, 4-2; Armstrong pinned Loomis, Beloit, 3:14; Polansky, RC pinned Armstrong, 3:57; Nienke, Ellsworth def. Armstrong, 5-2; Carlson, Minn def. Redetzke, 5-4; Redtetzke pinned Knoll, Ell-Saline, 3:41; 3RD–Teagon Nienke, Ellsworth def. Redetzke, 5-0

113–No. 2 Dillen Hook, L (27-1), second; Quentin Boxberger, H (10-14), third; Hook pinned Danner, Lyons, 1:45; Dyke, RC pinned Boxberger; 1ST--Jon Dyke, RC def. Hook, 7-6; Dyke, RC pinned Boxberger, 3:14; 3RD–Boxberger pinned Ahsten Danner, Lyons, 4:00

120–Michael Saenz, L (22-7), third; Deryk Yott, H (23-11); Paulo Lima, Stafford (2-23); Fuller, Beloit pinned Yott, 3:51; Yott pinned Bohl, Minn, 1:00; Yott pinned Cosand, Rock Hills, 3:41; Saenz pinned Paula Lima, Stafford, 1:06; Major, Hillsboro pinned Lima, 4:25; Davis, Lyons pinned Sanez, 1:05; Saenz pinned Yott, 2:17; 3RD–Saenz def. Fuller, Beloit, 8-5; 

126–Gatlin Hoch, L (24-9), second; Chase Steinert, H (9-21); Talkington, RC pinned Steinert, 0:40; Carr, Beloit def. Steinert, 10-1; Hoch pinned Fickes, Hillsboro, 1:22; Hoch def. Swingle, Kingman, 6-2; 1ST–Kaleb Talkington, RC pinned Hoch, 1:21;   

132–Corbin Weers, L (1-8); Nicolas Rubio, H (8-12); Windholz, Russell pinned Rubio, 2:23; Rubio pinned Weiss, SE, 0:57; Randall pinned Rubio, 4:01; Randall, Minn def. Weers, 7-0; Thompson, Beloit pinned Weers, 2:24

138–No. 4 Braydon Lemuz, L (27-4), first; Ian Doss, H (10-26); Strobel, Russell def. Doss, 10-2; Mueller, Halstead pinned Doss, 3:00; Lemuz pinned Ruiz, ES, 1:00; Lemuz pinned Anderson, Beloit, 2:21; 1ST–Lemuz def. Ryder Norstrom, Canton-Galva, 9-0; Couture, RC pinned Doss

145–No. 2 Samajay Alboyd, L (23-4), first; Alboyd pinned Reddig, Russell, 1:48; Alboyd def. Bachman, Hillsboro, 4-2; 1ST–Alboyd def. Colby Schreiner, Kingman, 9-7

152—Cole Steinert, H (25-6), second; Steinert pinned Metzger, Fairfield, 0:11; Steinert pinned Gutierrez, Halstead, 3:50; 1ST–Hunter Prochaska, Beloit def. Steinert, 7-5, OT

160–Nate Pfortmiller, L (9-17); Hunter Morris, H (10-13); Dylan Gantz, Stafford (35-10); Vogan, Minn def. Gantz, 4-3, OT; Gantz def. Kadel, Beloit, 7-1; Gantz def. Morris, 9-4; Patton, Canton-Galva def. gantz, 1-0; Rodriguez, SE pinned Pfortmiller, 2:46; Hiebert, Halstead pinned Pfortmiller, 2:06; Hubert, RC pinned Morris, 5:56

170–Joshua Ball (21-3), first; Josh Kramer (7-14); Ball pinned Karateav, Fairfield, 0:28; Ball pinned Whitmer, Russell, 0:25; 1ST–Ball def. Kaden Kraus, Halstead, 7-1; Kraus, Halstead pinned Kramer

182–Carter Atteberry, L (19-15); Caden McCandless, St. John (21-19); Hopkins, Ell-Saline def. McCandless, 3-0; McCandless pinned Pando, Lyons, 3:20; Rempel, Hillsboro def. McCandless, 7-2; Wise, Halstead pinned Atteberry, 2:49; Atteberry def. Hopkins, ES, 9-5; Baccus, Minn pinned Atteberyy, McCandless vs. Hopkins, Ell-Saline 

195–No. 1 Wyatt Pedigo, H (33-0), first; Jarett Seeman, L (4-13); Harp, SE def. Seeman, 17-0; Calzada, Ell-Saline pinned Seeman, 1:12; Pedigo pinned Andrews, Bennington, 0:44; Pedigo pinned Romero, Ellsworth, 1:46; 1ST–Pedigo def. Sterling Harp, SE Saline, 5-0; Harp, Ell-Saline pinned Seeman 

220–Hector Garcia, L (15-9), third; Cole Gilliland, H (26-8), fourth; Garcia pinned Calzada-Villa, Ell-Saline, 2:51; Tripp, Ellsworth pinned Garcia, 2:51; Garcia def. Myers, Lincoln, 1-0; Gilliland pinned Plenert, Hillsboro, 0:52; Buss, RC pinned Gilliland, 0:44; Gilliland pinned Lopez, Halstead, 1:28; 3RD–Garcia def. Gilliland, 1-0

285—Cade Boxberger, H, (20-12); Walford, Ellsworth pinned Boxberger, 1:43; Boxberger pinned Brown, Halstead, 2:44; Zimmerman, RC pinned Boxberger, 4:24