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Junior NBA tryout scheduled Sunday
Parker Dicks

The local Junior NBA Skills Challenge is scheduled at 1 p.m. Sunday at The Great Bend Fieldhouse, 2817 9th Street. 

Youngsters 13 and under and 11 and under will compete in a one-minute dribbling and shooting skills contest. The age cutoff is Aug. 31, 2020. Parents or guardians must bring a birth certificate and complete required entry forms.

Competitors dribble through cones and take shots worth 1, 3, 4 and 6 points. Deductions of 3 points are assessed for traveling, palming or double dribble.  

For information, call Shane Dicks (620-786-4780) or email (

Twelve local qualifiers advance to the Midwest regional April 26 at the Harris Park City Center, Kansas City, Mo.

Great Bend’s Parker Dicks won the 2019 Junior NBA national competition at Brooklyn N.Y. Taeten Reynolds also qualified at the Denver, Colo. regional championships. 

National finalists earn an all−expense paid trip to New York City, receive gift bags, attend special events and interact with NBA/WNBA/G−League players and potential draftees.