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Oilers' doubles places first at home meet
central plains tennis

Oilers’ No. 1 doubles places first

CLAFLIN – Central Plains Oilers No. 1 doubles Ryann Metro/Grace Lamatsch defeated Sterling’s Cylie LaTourell/Emily McGaughey, 8-5 for the championship at the Central Plains Tennis Invitational Sept. 26. Sterling (34) edged Central Plains (28) for the team title.

Sterling’s No. 1 singles Chelsie Brown defeated Oiler state qualifier Lauren Oeser 8-0 for first place. Sterling’s No. 2 singles Danika Bingle/Zimmerman downed Oiler Charlee Schlessinger 8-0 for first place.

Sterling’s No. 2 doubles Emily Wellman/Jaiden Jaeger won the championship  with an 8-2 victory over Ellinwood’s Gracyn Dombroski/Shelbi Steffan 8-2.


TEAM SCORES—1—Sterling 34; 2—Central Plains 28; 3—Ellinwood 13; 4—St. John 8; 5—Victoria 5

NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Chelsie Brown, Sterling def. Lauren Oeser, CP, 8-0; 3—Jenny Garcia, SJ def. Hailey Gier, Victoria, 8-2; Oeser def. Garcia, 8-1; Oeser def. Gier, 8-1; Oeser def. Lydia Porter, E, 8-0; Brown def. Garcia, 8-0; Garcia def. Porter, 8-7 (7-4); Brown def. Porter, 8-0; Gier def. Porter, 8-5

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Danika Bingle/Zimmerman, Sterling def. Charlee Schlessinger, CP, 8-0; 3—Sofie Odelmark, E def. Jameson Toon, Victoria, 8-3; Schlessinger def. Giselle Ramirez, SJ, 8-3; Schlessinger def. Odelmark, 8-1; Schlessinger def. Toon, 8-0; Bingle/Zimmerman def. Odelmark 8-0; Odelmark def. Ramirez, 8-4; Bingle/Zimmerman def. Ramirez, 8-0; Toon def. Ramirez, 8-2

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Ryann Metro/Grace Lamatsch, CP def. Cylie LaTourell/Emily McGaughey, Sterling, 8-5; 3--Grace Sturtz/Vivian Klepper, E def. Aurora Nowlin/Piper Nowlin, Victoria, 8-3; Metro/Lamatsch def. Sturtz/Klepper, 8-1; Metro/Lamatsch def. Nowlin/Nowlin, 8-0; LaTourell/Emily McGaughey def. Sturtz/Klepper, 8-1;

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Emily Wellman/Jaiden Jaeger, Sterling def. Gracyn Dombroski/Shelbi Steffan, E, 8-2; 3—Mackenzie Foulger/Kylie Kempke, CP def. Evelyn Lopez/Merlea Hearn, SJ, 8-2; Dombroski/Steffan def. Taryn Batt/Regan Beagley, Victoria, 8-0; Dombroski/Steffan def. Foulger/Kempke, 8-7 (7-2); Dombroski/Steffan def. Lopez/Hearn, 8-5; Foulger/Kempke def. Batt/Beagley, 8-0; Wellman/Jaeger def.  Foulger/Kempke, 8-5; Wellman/Jaeger def. Lopez/Hearn, 8-0; Lopez/Hearn def. Batt/Beagley, 8-3