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Panther tennis competes
laura daniel

MCPHERSON — Great Bend's No. 2 doubles Tania Molina/Sahara Rhiza (1-3) beat their teammates Samantha Mayers/Taylor Lashley, 8-7 (7-5) in the consolation round at Tuesday's McPherson Doug Gayer Tennis Classic. Liberal's Lanee Harp/Shiva Jilka defeated Molina/Rziha, 8-6 for 13th place. 

Garden City's Alivia Palmer defeated Great Bend's No. 1 singles Laura Daniel 8-1 for 13th place. Panther Kaylin Wahlmeier (1-3) finished 15th with an 8-1 victory over Hays High's Allyson Werth.. 

Gardner-Edgerton's Rachel Davis defeated McPherson's Riggs Kuhn, 8-6 for the singles championship. Salina South's Tess Daily/Iliana Armbrust defeated Garden City's Sage Riggs/Sydney Nanninga, 8-7 (7-3) for the doubles title. McPherson (55) captured the team title and Goddard Eisenhower (47) placed runner-up. 


TEAM SCORES—1—McPherson 55; 2—Goddard Eisenhower 47; 3—Salina South 43; 4—Hutchinson High 41; 5—Garden City 38; 6—Liberal 21; 7—Hays High 16; 8—Great Bend 10


1—Rachel Davis, GE def. Riggs Kuhn, Mc, 8-6

3—Gracie Foster, Hutchinson def. Sydney Achilles, Mc, 8-3

5—Alana Ewertt, GE def. Laura Brokes, SS, 8-5

7—Brooke Ptacek, GC def. Morgan Short, Hays, 8-6

9—Darby Benson, Hutchinson def. Katie Classen, L, 8-1 

11—Emma Shulde, SS def. Jaciana Rivera, L, default 

13—Alivia Palmer, GC def. Laura Daniel, GB, 8-1 

15—Kaylin Wahlmeier, GB def. Allyson Werth, Hays, 8-1

Ptacek def. Daniel, 8-0; Rivera def. Daniel, 8-1; Daniel def. Werth, 8-3; Foster def. Wahlmeier, 8-0; Classen def. Wahlmeier, 8-1; Palmer def. Wahlmeier, 8-4 


1—Tess Daily/Iliana Armbrust, SS def. Sage Riggs/Sydney Nanninga, GC, 8-7 (7-3); 

3—Patty Huerta/Perrin Schneider, Mc def. Taylor Berger/Maddie Dobson, Mc, 8-0

5—Tia Hines/Libby Jackson, Hutchinson def. McKenizie Henry/McKenna Jilka, GE, 8-5

7—Brook Baird/Riley Weber, SS def. Payton Tull/Chloe Powell, GC, 8-1

9—Leila Kral/Leah Wilkinson, GE def. Lauren Davis/Makenzie Suppes, Hutchinson, 8-4

11—Aracely Jurado/Lesley Hernandez, L def. Morgen Berry/Ava Neil, Hays, 8-2

13—Lanee Harp/Shiva Jilka, L def. Tania Molina/Sahara Rziha, GB, 8-6 

Daily/Armbrust def. Molina/Rhiza, 8-0; Davis/Suppes def. Molina/Rhiza, 8-1; Molina/Rhiza def. Samantha Mayers/Taylor Lashley, GB, 8-7 (7-5); Berger/Dobson def. Mayers/Lashley, GB, 8-0; Berry/Neil def. Mayers/Lashley, 8-4