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Panthers' tennis team places third

Great Bend's No. 2 singles Aaron Ramirez placed runner-up with an 8-1 loss to Scott City's Avry Noll to lead the Panthers (44) to third place at Friday's Hoisington Tennis Tournament held at the Shannon Schartz courts in Great Bend.

Great Bend's No. 1 singles Aiden Stacy (3-1) placed third. No. 1 doubles Jacob Parks/Kaden Deines placed fifth with an 8-0 victory over Phillipsburg's Carsen Meitl/Cash Roth. No. 2 doubles Chason Ramsey/Kaden Pounds placed fourth with an 8-3 loss to Scott City's Dante Franco/Kade Bonville.

"Aaron Ramirez continues to play consistent,' said Great Bend coach Chris Manning. "We weren't playing our best, we placed third. It's great to see the players fight even when they're not having their best day."

Scott City (63) placed first and Meade (51) finished second.


TEAM SCORES—1—Scott City 63; 2—Meade 51;  3—Great Bend 44; 4—Haven 41;  5—Cimarron 29;  6—Ellsworth 24; 7—Phillipsburg 17; 8—Hoisington 11

NO. 1 SINGLES—3—Aiden Stacy, GB def. Brendan Anderson, Ellsworth, default; Stacy def. Brody Rossman, Hoisington, 8-4; Stacy def. Konner Smith, Cimarron, 8-5; Vincent Lynn, Meade def. Stacy, 8-2; Lynn, Meade def. Rossman, 8-1; Smith, Cimarron def. Rossman, 8-6; 7—Nathan Fischer, Phillipsburg def. Rossman, 8-7 (7-5)

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Avry Noll, Scott City def. Aaron Ramirez, GB, 8-1; Ramirez def. Randy Chambers, Hoisington, 8-2; Ramirez def. Jacob Pando, Cimarron, 8-3; Ramirez def. Andres Sanchez, Meade, 8-2; Chambers def. Sanchez, Meade, 8-5; Pando, Cimarron def. Chambers, 8-7 (9-7); 5—Grant Richey, Haven def. Chambers, 8-3

NO. 1 DOUBLES—5—Jacob Parks/Kaden Deines, GB def. Carsen Meitl/Cash Roth, Phillipsburg, 8-0; Parks/Deines def. Leyton Mooney/Kian DeLong, Hoisington, 8-2; David Mendez/Landon Housman, Cimarron def. Parks/Deines, 8-0; Orvin Dyck/Sam Lynn, Meade  def. Parks/Deines, 8-2; Mendez/Housman, Cimarron def. Mooney/DeLong, 8-2; Dyck/Lynn, Meade def. Mooney/DeLong, 8-2; 7—Mooney/DeLong def. Ismael De La Crus/Seth Kyler, Ellsworth 8-7 (6-4)

NO. 2 DOUBLES—3—Dante Franco/Kade Bonville, Scott City def. Chason Ramsey/Kaden Pounds, GB, 8-3; Ramsey/Pounds def. A/J. Thurman/Jordan O’Niell, Hoisington, 8-5; KJ. Leterle/Camdyn Flavin, Meade def. Ramsey/Pounds, 8-6; Leterle/Flavin, Meade def. Thurman/O’Niell, 8-3; 5—Colton Ewing/Will Jessup, Phillipsburg def. Thurman/O’Niell, 8-5