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Cardinals to honor teammate's family
Hoisington senior Jeremy Breit


HOISINGTON — Hoisington High football coach Zach Baird said the Cardinals will honor a teammate and his family during Thursday’s Senior Night festivities.
Hoisington starting center/nose guard Jeremy Breit lost his father in a fatal accident Tuesday. Breit will play Thursday’s football game against Lyons and be honored along with fellow seniors. Jeremy’s brother, Jakob Breit, serves as one of Hoisington’s football managers.
“We will try to honor his family by how we play the game,” Baird said. “It puts things in perspective and changes your focus.”
Baird said the Breit family is a typical well-liked, well-respected family.
“It’s a great family with so many friends and family,” Baird said. “It’s tragic and heartbreaking. We will rally as a community and a football team to get behind Jeremy and his family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and we’re ready to help them in whatever way we can.”
Baird said Thursday’s Senior Night promises to be emotional.
“Jeremy is a great kid — a fantastic kid,” Baird said. “Jeremy and his brother are respected by their peers. The football team will let them know know they love them and care for them.”