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Great Bend bowling teams dominate Dodge City
Western Athletic Conference
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The Great Bend High School bowling teams made large steps toward dominating the Western Athletic Conference on Thursday evening.
Both the girls’ and boys’ teams defeated Dodge City 10-1 in head-to-head action.
With the victory, the Lady Panthers secure a spot at No. 2 in the WAC. The Panthers are also in second place.
Miranda Hejny led all other bowlers with a 613 series. She had games of 201, 245 and 167.
“Miranda Had a great day,” GBHS head coach Mike Perry said. “She’s been solid for us for four years. I don’t know why she’d stop now.
“We’ve got a lot of girls who are real close to peaking. They’ve done a real good job, and hopefully we can get them to peak as we head into the final part of the season.”
Jessica Sterba added a 528 series, and Abby Rose gave the Lady Panthers a 509 series.
For both the girls’ and boys’ team, it was a Baker’s game that kept them from sweeping the dual.
For the Lady Panthers, it was the first of three Baker’s games, where Dodge City won 165-162.
In Baker’s games, five bowlers roll as a team, frame-by-frame so that each bowler will take two frames.
For the Panthers, it was the final game of the series. Dodge City beat them175-145.
Hunter Gregg was the top bowler for Great Bend’s boys with a 585 series. He was one of four bowlers in the 500s.
“That’s the whole team in a nutshell,” Perry said. “Jeff (Mietler) is the only one who has any varsity experience before this year. That makes things different for Jeff, but it is nice to see someone else step up and take the reins.”
Mietler (574), Alex Morgan (557) and Matt Black (524) were the other three bowlers.

                                       — Kevin Price



At Great Bend
Walnut Bowl


Team scores
1. Great Bend, 2,807; 2. Dodge City, 2,386

Great Bend results
Hunter Gregg, 204, 169-212—585; Jeff Mietler, 205-170-199—574; Alex Morgan, 224-165-168—557; Mat Black, 174-202-148—524; Lloyd Kendall, 133-195-142—470; Kevin Coleman, 147-167-154—468

Baker’s results
Great Bend, 224-162-145; Dodge City, 148-140-175


Team scores
1. Great Bend, 2,663; 2. Dodge City, 2,350

Great Bend results
Miranda Hejny, 201-245-167—613; Jessica Sterba, 185-171-172—528; Abby Rose, 157-191-161—509; Allie Brodrick, 179-152-149—480; Dakota Sanders, 154-158-166—478; Addie Soukup, 158-141-130—429

Baker’s results
Great Bend, 162-171-176; Dodge City, 165-132-156

Western Athletic Conference

Team            Points
Garden City       39
Great Bend        21
Dodge City        20
Liberal               8

Team              Points
Garden City         36
Great Bend          35
Dodge City          12
Liberal                  5