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Great Bend swimmers capture Hutchinson meet
Swim team photo

HUTCHINSON — Great Bend won four events to capture the Hutchinson Invitational swimming meet Tuesday at the YMCA pool. The Panthers scored 360 points and Andover Central placed runner-up with 274 points.
Panthers winning individual races were returning state qualifier Dawson Clark, 100 butterfly (1:00.54); Isaac Panzer, 100 freestyle (55.69); and Phane Pedigo, 100 backstroke (1:04.13).
Great Bend captured first place in the 200-medley relay (1:53.15) with Phane Pedigo, Sean Williams, Dawson Clark and Cory Harbaugh competing.
The Panthers placed second in the 400 freestyle relay (3:49.47) with Isaac Panzer, Phane Pedigo, Cole Pierce, Dawson Clark competing.
Other runner-up finishers were Isaac Panzer, 50 freestyle (24.66); Corey Harbaugh, 100 freestyle (57.09); and Cole Pierce, 500 freestyle (5:36.85).
Clark, Harbaugh, Pedigo, Panzer and Pierce are returning state qualifiers.
“It was a good meet to end the pre-Christmas part of our schedule,’ said Great Bend coach Steve Beaumont. “We were solid today with many individuals making time improvements. We seemed to fade a bit towards the end of the meet, so our conditioning needs to improve. Our new swimmers continue to make great improvements each meet. It has been exciting watching their progress from week to week.”
Beaumont said he’s pleased by the performances.
“Our kids from last year are swimming right on their best times from last year at state,” he said.
1—Great Bend 360
2—Andover Central 274
3—Hutchinson 209
4—Andover High 155
5—Rose Hill 124
6—Dodge City 123
7—Hutchinson Central Christian 7
50 freestyle—2—Isaac Panzer, 24.66; 4—Corey Harbaugh, 25.13; 7—Malachi Williams, 26.18; Eduardo Prado, 29.66; Eli Hutchinson, 29.68; Cal Marshall, 30.42; Daniel Abbott, 33.24; Cal Kaiser, 34.13; Daniel Cervantes, 34.67; Francisco Garcia, 38.72; Eduardo Galvan, 47.48
100 backstroke—1—Phane Pedigo, 1:04.13; 7—Connor Furrey, 1:10.85; 11—Allen To, 1:16.59
100 breaststroke—4—Sean Williams, 1:11.79; 7—Malachi Williams, 1:19.66; 14—Jordan Popp, 1:30.96
100 butterfly—1—Dawson Clark, 1:00.54; 6—Connor Furrey, 1:12.15; 7—Allan To, 1:12.26; Cal Kaiser, 1:25.16
100 freestyle—1—Isaac Panzer, 55.69; 2—Corey Harbaugh, 57.09; 5—Zach Seymour, 1:00.36; 10—Wyatt Rugan, 1:06.89; Jordan Popp, 1:07.52; Anthony Martinez, 1:13.07; Daniel Abbott, 1:18.4; Daniel Cervantes, 1:23.21; Francisco Garcia, 1:33.34
200 freestyle—4—Cole Pierce, 2:06.24; 5—Phane Pedigo, 2:10.79; 7—Jordan Boone, 2:16.16
200 IM—3—Dawson Clark, 2:21.64 (personal best time); 5—Sean Williams, 2:26.89; 8—Zach Seymour, 2:35.5
200 medley relay—1—Great Bend A, 1:53.15 (Phane Pedigo, Sean Williams, Dawson Clark, Cory Harbaugh); Great Bend B, 2:06.94 (Connor Furrey, Malachi Williams, Allan To, Wyatt Rugan); 11—Great Bend C, 2:34.2 (Cal Kaiser Jordan Popp, Anthony Martinez, Cal Marshall)
200 free relay—3—Great Bend A, 1:42.97 (Corey Harbaugh, Connor Furrey, Sean Williams Isaac Panzer); 5—Great Bend B, 1:48.54 (Zach Seymour, Malachi Williams, Cole Pierce, Jordan Boone); 12—Great Bend C, 2:03.11 (Eduardo Prado, Anthony Martinez, Eli Hutchinson, Cal Marshall); Great Bend D, 2:35.82 (Daniel Cervantes, Francisco Garcia, Daniel Abbott, Eduardo Galvan)
400 freestyle relay—2—Great Bend A, 3:49.47 (Isaac Panzer, Phane Pedigo, Cole Pierce, Dawson Clark); 5—Great Bend B, 4:21.63 (Jordan Boone, Zach Seymour, Wyatt Rugan, Allan To); 8—Great Bend C, 4:55.57 (Eduardo Prado, Cal Kaiser, Eli Hutchinson, Jordan Popp)
500 freestyle—2—Cole Pierce, 5:36.85; 3—Jordan Boone, 6:22.27; Edwardo Prado, 7:21.29; 6—Eli Hutchinson, 7:38.44